Cleto Reyes Training Gloves Review

Cleto Reyes Training Gloves Review

Cleto reyes training gloves are quite popular among the boxing learners, because of two main reasons; the first one is its construction and the second is its features. Reyes boxing gloves come in quite contemporary design with long and flat base, with less knuckle protection. The gloves are designed keeping in mind the professional game of boxing and it will definitely become your best mate in your journey of becoming a boxer.
The most important part of any boxing glove is that it should be made in such a fashion that the learner gets the intensity of each and every punch he attempts, as well as protect the boxer’s hands from any kind of injuries; Cleto reyes training gloves does exactly the same.
Features are essentially the kind of look and feel a product gives and we will discuss about each and every feature of Reyes boxing gloves.
Cleto reyes training gloves are made of 100% leather material which gives a warm feeling to the boxing learner, and also the smell of pure leather boosts up the learner’s enthusiasm level. Reyes boxing gloves has leather strap and loop and hook closure, which keeps it erect in your hands. The best part about Cleto reyes training gloves is that it has a 2” pad placed in the punching area of a glove, which protects your hands in case of continuous punch. Reyes boxing gloves will not give up on you soon as the lining of the glove is made of nylon, which is a water repellent material. You can expect your gloves to work for 4-6 months, depending upon your intensity and duration of practice.
Pros: Much has been already told about the glove, and it is best to recapitulate the positives of the glove in here. They are made of comfortable material, with nylon lining which increases the longevity of the product. It has perfect looks, and has good amount of padding, especially in punching area. It comes in pairs and is totally worth of its cost. It is made in such a fashion that as soon as you wear it, you will get the feeling of becoming a winner.
Cons: The gloves are no doubt traditionally made but the learners who have big fingers and hands, will find it tough to fit their fingers in the compartments of Cleto reyes training gloves. The big cuffs bother the beginners a lot and that is the reason it is said that either you will love Reyes boxing gloves, or hate them completely. One more minor problem with the gloves is that it has less padded area in knuckles, which might be hurting for a beginner.
All the aspects of the glove are discussed above, right from positives to negatives. Again, it totally depends upon you whether you like the feel of the glove or not. If you have comparatively small hands and fingers, then you can definitely consider buying the gloves, as it definitely is a cut above the rest.


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