Chuck Norris Total Gym


A Chuck Norris Total Gym XL workout promises to give your body a powerful nudge in the direction of a Muscle And Fitness Mag physique! The Chuck Norris Chuck Norris Total Gym XL is hailed as the one piece of exercise equipment your body needs for efficient cardiovascular conditioning, a killer ab workout, muscle fitness or natural weight loss. Warm up for a Norris workout!

The Chuck Norris Total Gym XL is just one of the home exercise equipment pieces in the well-muscled Total Gym collection. If you need to focus on combating boredom, the gym should be part of your fitness gear. One of the main advantages of the workout is that you won’t need to change weights between exercises.

The adjustable resistance levels of the Chuck Norris Total Gym XL allow you to change your goals according to your personal muscle fitness needs. Higher resistance levels facilitate strength building, ideal for those troublesome thighs, or a washboard ab workout. A routine using lower resistance levels will promote the lean, toned workout look, as portrayed in the well-known Chuck Norris Christie Brinkley advertising campaigns.

Core stability comes into play during virtually every exercise while involved sweating it out with a Chuck Norris Total Body Gym XL workout. This innovative piece of engineering enables you to experience the benefit of a killer ab workout routine, while also working the rest of your body. You are also stretching and increasing flexibility. Seems that the gym specialize in some major multi-tasking! Six to 30 minutes per session is all you need, and this is no Chuck Norris joke!

The ingenious design of the Chuck Norris Total Gym XL uses body weight as a safe form of resistance. This approach is much kinder to the joints than using free weights, and combined with the abdominal and back strengthening aspects, explains why this piece of fitness equipment is often effectively utilized in rehabilitation. You will have to test the system to see if you still need an aerobic boost with a Proform Treadmill or Elliptical Trainer.

Another boon is that, if you are a Winsor Pilates exercise fan, the Chuck Norris Total Gym XL has your interests at heart too. Simply add the optional Deluxe Accessory Kit, and you have access to the ultra productive pilates workout routine developed by Christy Brinkley – another advantage of the Chuck Norris Christie Brinkley connection! So you don’t need the Ellie Hermans Pilates Reformer. Just pull up your Norris Gym and go for it!

An older winner in the Total Gym collection was the Fitness Quest Total Gym Suprapro. With more than 60 exercises to target every muscle, people of all ages loved the Fitness Quest Total Gym Suprapro. The machine came with weight bars, clips, workout videos, and a variety of accessories.

This system may not have the durability of Cybex Exercise Equipment, but if the main mission of home gym equipment is to increase energy, vitality, and functionality in everyday life, the Chuck Norris Total Gym 1500 and Chuck Norris Total Gym XL succeed brilliantly.


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