Chlorine In Drinking Water


How To Eliminate This Danger

For decades, the use of chlorine in drinking water has been viewed as a positive thing.

Chlorine is used by water providers to kill bacteria and disease-causing microorganisms. But it turns out that chlorine might be killing us or at the very least, doing our bodies serious harm.

According to research, chlorine and its byproducts, trihalomethanes (THMs) and haloacetic acids (HAAs) are very harmful carcinogens that can increase the risks of bladder, kidney and rectal cancer.

Research in Europe is also showing that pregnant women in their first three months are at higher risk of miscarrying than pregnant women who drink chlorine-free water.

Research from Norway, Canada and the United States have also linked chlorine in drinking water to increased birth defects, still-births and now spina bifida.

Forget about the science for a minute and let us take a common-sense approach to this issue.

Would you pour chlorinated water in your fish tank? No – the fish would die very quickly wouldn’t you agree?

This is why fish tanks come with a de-chlorinator. Doesn’t this tell you a little about the potential hazards of drinking chlorinated water?

Since the powers that be don’t appear too interested in chlorine alternatives, you need to protect your self and family from the potential health hazards you could face by drinking chlorinated water.

The most powerful and cost-effective way to get clean, safe drinking water is to acquire a quality home water purifier or home water filtration system. Some of these devices will not only remove chlorine from your tap water but herbicides, pesticides and other dangerous water supply contaminants.

However, before you get a water filtering device, make sure it is certified by the NSF or certified to NSF standard by a reputable third-party. A certified water filter has been proven to remove the contaminants that the manufacturer claims it does.

This whole house water purifier is certified to NSF 42. It is capable of removing chlorine, sediment, bad taste and odor from the water flowing through every faucet, dish washer, washing machine and shower in your home.

This counter top water filter and under counter water filter are certified to NSF 53 and by the California Department Of Health Services.

These counter top and under counter water filtration devices produce safe, clean water for drinking and cooking. They remove not only chlorine but also lead, a wide range of chemicals and cysts (chlorine resistant organisms).

Although using a whole house water filter would remove the chlorine in drinking water, your water supply contains all sorts of other contaminants.

Therefore, at the very least, get a under counter filter or counter top water filter for drinking and cooking. As previously mentioned, these devices removes chlorine and various other contaminants.

For the maximum protection from water supply contaminants, many households get both a whole house water purification system and under counter/counter top water purifier fro drinking.

Here are some of the potential benefits you could get from drinking filtered water:

1. A reduction in fatigue and headaches

2. A reduction of toxins in the body and hence lower risk of disease

3. Younger looking skin.

Could your family enjoy these benefits?

Highly RecommendedForget, fruit drinks, shakes and sodas. Drinking pure water is the best way to keep the body hydrated. Don’t overlook the importance of this basic human need. Get a quality water purification system today

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