Cheryl Burke Disco Abs

Review Summary
Cheryl Burke Disco Abs is a fitness program from the famous professional dancer Cheryl Burke. This DVD exercise system is sold online through an official website, is available through several online retailers, and can sometimes be found in stores. Like most traditional workout systems, this one requires you exercise and promises weight loss and muscle toning results. For people who don’t have the time or the desire to exercise at this level, however, there’s another option. The Flex Belt is a revolutionary abdominal toning system that requires no workout and no exercise. You simply put The Flex Belt, which is FDA cleared, on and go about your business. It uses EMS technology to work all of your abdominal muscles for you. With The Flex Belt’s nearly effortless approach it’s a great option on its own, but it can also be used with programs like Cheryl Burke Disco Abs.

The Cheryl Burke Disco Abs program is said to combine fun dance and exercise together to create a workout program that can deliver on results. According to the official website, the program features music from the 1970s to stick with a disco theme. They promise that when paired with a helpful diet, people can lose two inches or two sizes in 14 days. The maker states that the Cheryl Burke Disco Abs program is one that has helped celebrities lose weight and get in shape as well.

At the writing of this review, the official Cheryl Burke Disco Abs website is offering the program for $59.97 plus $12.95 shipping. This price covers four workout DVDs, a Burn Baby Burn Eating Guide, a calendar, a meal plan, resistance bands, and Internet access to a Cheryl Burke Club. For people who prefer payments, the maker offers an option to make 3 payments of $19.99 as an alternative.

As stated, this program is sold through an official website and some outside retailers. The official Cheryl Burke Disco Abs website includes a lot of information about the program, including samples of the workouts themselves. There is a longer video that shows just how the program works, as well as summaries about each of the five workouts. According to this site, the workouts are entitled Disco Abs, That’s The Way I Like It Abs, I Will Survive Cardio, The Beginner Hustle, and Boogie Oogie Buns and Thighs.

Final Facts
Cheryl Burke Disco Abs is a traditional workout program for use in the home. It is designed to combine dance and exercise using professional dancer Cheryl Burke as the instructor. With the system, you get 5 workouts on 4 DVDs, as well as an eating guide, resistance bands, and meal plans. The maker promises on the official website that you can lose 2 inches or 2 sizes in just 14 days when combining the workouts with the eating guide recommendations. There are a few pricing options available on the official website, and the manufacturer provides a good deal of information there with the use of a video.


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