Chemex Coffee Maker Reviews


The Chemex coffee maker has a unique hourglass design that looked very simple fashion, ideal for a contemporary look to add to your home cooking at the same time, for delicious coffee.

In fact, the design of the Chemex coffee maker looks great, so that they were brought to the 100 best industrial designs of the Illinois Institute of Technology on the market.

The Chemex coffee maker design was created by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm a German chemist, invented more than 60 years ago and member of the Bauhaus art movement.

The Chemex coffee maker is an actually heat-resistant glass flask, such as beakeryes chemistry.

Chemex brews coffee using the infusion method so that it drops very similar to coffee in terms of body and flavor. The white filters are slightly thicker than the automatic drip-filter used. The result is a stew slow cup of coffee. Although not as rich as the french press, Chemex will produce sediment free cup of coffee that someone will impress even a weak point in most auto-drip coffee machines.

Chemex coffee maker reviews

Chemex is easy to use, if you are passing the math, the amount of water and coffee to get. This process is simple and easy. Clean-up is easy too. Everything you need to do is throw the filter with the used grinds and rinse it with soap.

Chemex model uses a thick paper filter that can remove many of the impurities that electric coffee makers can pass through. Coffee taste so much better more infections.

Coffee has the special property of the infusion directly into the pot. This allows for easy cleaning and decanting. There are wooden ring to keep them in safe hands while pouring the container with hot coffee.

Outstanding features of the Chemex models of coffee makers and their graceful appearances are recognized throughout the world. No wonder why there so many renowned museums, which are suitable for a drink.

Now with the Chemex 1-3 Cup Coffee Maker such as other models as again offered Chemex fans the chance to purchase and financing of the coffee.

Chemex coffee maker from the simple to all of this reduces the risk of problems set. It needs no electricity, just pour hot water and coffee. Coffee would flow down into the bottle through the filter paper.

For automatic coffee machines, it is quite boring to wash all areas open. You can do this only once a week, and it smells the a bit funny coffee. Read our free coffee course, understand the importance of coffee is a better cleaning action.

Ease of use has a different meaning for different people, but for me, the Brewer, because it is not hard to use, I think in the long run Chemex coffee helps to save some costs of the service.


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