Cheese Cutting Board


For years I thought that a cheese cutting board was such a waste of money. A cutting board specially made for cheese? Please, gimme a break.  I will know honestly admit that I went years with no cutting board at all, I simply used a flat plate to do all of my cutting on.

This changed a few years ago when I was given a cutting board for Christmas. My aunt had purchased it in another country, so my first thought of returning it was not going to happen, so I began to use it. At first I didn’t want to like it–I was fine with my plates! But it soon grew on me. It was nice that it didn’t have the raised ridges like a plate and wouldn’t scratch when I slipped with the knife.

So, I start really liking this cutting board, and my husband started getting worried. I did have one huge problem though. We love cheese. Like, crazy love cheese. We eat cheese with just about every meal. I know that’s gross to some people, but that’s just how my family is. We just simply love it.

So, how does cheese cause a problem? Well, make that a huge problem. You simply cannot cut soft cheese on a regular cutting board. It makes a huge mess and your cheese ends up not cut, but smooshed. Yuck. I try as a might to figure out a solution.

I buy a couple cheese slicers. You know, the wire ones? Well, they work pretty good. And so I am satisfied with myself having ‘solved’ my cheese cutting problem.

Well…not so fast. My problem was not quite solved. The cutting board was still getting cheese smooshed on it and it was a pain to clean. I still needed to find something to fix my problem.

In comes a cheese cutting board. Really? I thought. A cheese cutting board? Why would I waste my money on something like that? Well, luckily I didn’t, my husband bought it for me, for my birthday. He was sick of hearing me complain about the cheese not cutting right but being too stubborn to do anything about it.

This thing is a godsend. Seriously. If you cut cheese in your home, you must buy one of these, worth the money ten times over I couldn’t live without it!


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