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The wide variety of Osterizer blenders alone has made Oster one of the best choices amongst juice lovers. Oster & Osterizer have a long history that goes back to the beehive series of blenders and they are known for being extremely durable and reliable.

Another nice thing about this line-up is that there is a variety of small Oster hand blenders that will suit just about anybody at a budget of less then $50. Whether you need one for preparing food, making juices, fruit shakes and cocktails at home or take on the road on RV camping, you will be very please to discover the amazing quality these model offer for the low price they are being sold.

To get a cost effective option that is easy to store, a portable Oster hand blender is probably the best option.


It is possible to pick up a hand blender model that has 250 W of power and will handle most drink mixing applications. The two speed model retails for about $25.00, and it has the advantage of being easy to clean as well. However the suggested model to buy (which is the best seller) retails for around $30 -$50. This mini Osterizer hand blender comes with both a mixing cup and a measuring cup so it represents an excellent value for simple mixing tasks. It also comes with a storage cover and its ergonomic design makes it one of the better value hand blenders on the market. Osterizer hand blender comes in both silver and red colors, for people with specific preference.

Apart from portable hand blenders, other cheap – inexpensive options include the various speed Oster blenders.

Oster 10 Speed Blender

If more serious blending power is required, Osterizer blenders are available in a number of variable speed options. The Osterizer 10 speed blender offers an excellent entry level blender option. It retails for about $30, but it still offers a 450 W motor that is going to be sufficient for just about any job around the kitchen.

Oster 10 Speed also has stainless steel blades that are easy to clean and easy to remove. It has a 6 cup plastic jar that will be suitable for most applications. It is a little bit light, so you may have to put your hand on the top when blending things like ice but overall it is sturdy and dependable.

Oster 12 Speed Blender

Moving up to the model 6641 12 speed Osterizer blender, there is a little bit more control with the additional speeds and there is also a pulse option. It includes some nice features like cord storage in the unit and an all-metal drive system. Oster 12 speed has the same 450 W motor that comes on the 10 speed blender, which should be an ample amount of power.

Oster 14 Speed Blender

For even more versatility in an Osterizer blender, move up to the Oster 6870 model that is a 14 speed blender.

Continuing on with the 450 W motor and the stainless steel blades that are found on previous two models, it also adds a glass jar for extended durability and long life.

There is also a Oster food processor attachment that comes with this model and that will allow for a wider variety of applications. With this Osterizer blender, it will be possible to not only crush ice but to nearly liquefy it with the ice crusher blade. It also comes in a stylish black finish so it will look great in most kitchens settings.

Oster 16 Speed Blender

Moving up to an even more versatile model, there is a 16 speed Osterizer blender that provides the ultimate in versatility in terms of speed.

It also benefits from the same handy options as the 14 speed blender, with stainless steel blades, a five cup glass jar, easy push button controls and solid, sturdy base that will not move around on the counter.

When you put the ice into this model, it will completely crush it down and it is perfect for making cold drinks or shakes.

In Conclusion

Osterizer blenders offer some of the best value available on the market. It is possible to spend many times what you would on an Oster hand blender and not get much more out of it.

With Oster you have incredible control with the multiple speed and pulse options that are available and it is easy to find replacement parts for these blenders if things get worn out.

It is easy to find replacement blades, rubber seals and even replacement jars. Some people may choose just to get a smaller jar so that they can either fit it more easily in the dishwasher or be able to have a second one that can be used while the first one is waiting to be cleaned.

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