Cheap Bunk Beds – Where to Buy Bunk Beds for Kids Cheap


The economy is not doing well at all. The prices are higher than ever and we are not willing to spend as much as we used to. That’s why we always have to think twice whenever we want to purchase an expensive item, even if it is very much needed. I’ll get straight to the point: I want to talk to you in this article about the places where you can buy cheap bunk beds and cheap bunk bed mattresses.

Let’s say you have two boys and only one room for them to share. And did I mentioned that the room does not have the size of a football field? What are you going to do in order to save some space in that room and also offer each of your kids his very own comfortable bed? Well, the solution is simple: you buy a bunk bed. It will occupy the same space as one bed and both kids will have a very comfortable night sleep.

You all know that bunk bed prices are high. And you also know that they are a good investment, if you buy bunk beds that are solid and reliable. That’s why, a good solution is to search for a good cheap bunk bed. There are many places where you can find them. You will be able get one a place that has used bunk beds for sale or in places that offer big discounts. I made a list of such places and ways you can purchase cheap kids bunk beds:

1. Let’s say you don’t really care if the bunk bed that you will get is new or it has been used. You only need something that has a good quality and it is cheap. First of all, let’s focus on small area, around your house. Everyone has neighbors; and most neighbors have or had small kids of their own. That’s your first chance to get a cheap bunk bed. Knock at his door and ask him if doesn’t have an old bunk bed laying somewhere around his garage. If he does, give it a thorough inspection and if you are satisfied with what you see, buy the bunk bed. Also, you can ask to see if he has a cheap bunk bed mattress that he wants to get rid of.

2. There is always the possibility that your neighbors, without even having to ask, organize a yard sale and, what do you know?, they are selling a bunk bed cheap. If it matches your standards, then it’s your lucky day.

3. If you didn’t find any neighbors around your house that are selling bunk beds cheap, maybe there are some that you don’t know on your block or street. Put some fliers on the lightning polls in your neighborhood mentioning that you interested in buying bunk beds for cheap and hopefully someone will call offering a deal.

4. If the three options that I mentioned above didn’t work, it’s time to expand your searching area a bit. Get a local newspaper and read the add section. Maybe you will find there a person that is selling cheap kids bunk beds. Or, you could place yourself an add where you let people know that you are interested in buying cheap bunk beds and cheap bunk beds mattresses for your kids. All you have to do now is wait for a call from a potential seller.

5. Have you tried your friends? If you are the same age, maybe they also have kids that share a room and a bunk bed, so maybe they can give you some pointers on where to find the cheapest bunk beds. Or, maybe their kids have now grown and went to college; that means they might have a bunk bed that don’t need anymore and will give it to you at a good price.

6. Does you kitchen at where you work has a place on the wall where everyone can put an add? I know mine does. So, why don’t you try this method too? Who knows what colleague from a department you never heard of is going to read it and will be interested in doing business with you. There’s another opportunity to buy a cheap bunk bed and maybe find a new lunch partner.

7. Have you tried the daycare center that you pass by every day when you go to work? Ask someone in charge there is there is a possibility to buy one of the bunk beds cheap. Asking a question never hurt no one.

8. Flea markets are one of the best places where you can find any type of furniture that is in great conditions and has a decent price. The cheapest bunk beds should be found right here. Of course, they will not be new, but again, inspect every part and make sure it is OK.

9. Except for flea market, there are stores that sell bunk beds for cheap – also used bunk beds. Here, the same as at the flea market, you can negotiate the bunk bed prices with the person who is selling them. You will get in this way even a better deal that you were expecting.

10. Another place that I strongly recommend to search for cheap kids bunk beds are the furniture stores. I know, you would say: “wait, but aren’t these the places that we should avoid because their prices are high?”. My answer is NO! Why? Because, like any other stores, they offer discounts on products that have minor damages. Big chain furniture stores would not want to sell a product that has a scratch or a very small part missing. Oh, sorry. I mean, THEY DO, but not at the full price. They will put a big DISCOUNT sign on the furniture item that has that has suffered that minor damage. If you spot such an item, ask the salesman for details and if it is fixable by you, go ahead, buy it. You now have a brand new bunk bed, few minutes of work at an amazing price. What a deal!

11. And the final place where you can look for cheap kids bunk beds is, of course, the Internet. Surf the web for people who are selling bunk beds cheap and find a way to get in touch with them and check out live the product.

Well, this is my list of places and methods that will help you find and buy cheap bunk beds. Always remember that, no matter how cheap the bunk bed is, you can always buy it cheaper! Do not forget to use your negotiation skills; who know? Maybe you will convince the salesman to give it away a better price.

And also, if you found another great place that has cheap bunk beds for sale, post it in the “Comments” section below and let everyone know about it. Have a great day!


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