Cheap Ab Machines: where to buy ab machines (slendertone, ab lounge, ab rocket, ab circle)


Coming to this page you probably want to buy a cheap ab machine and you probably have already made up your mind about what model to buy. If you are still in doubt about what ab machine to choose, please read our review of the best ab machines and the information on the best ab machines for ab crunches.

Below you find the best price for the most popular ab machines. For best customer service all our orders are processed through Amazon, so benefit from all the guarantees that this trusted and respected online retailer offers.

Cheap Slendertone

slendertone ab belt

Strictly speaking, the Slendertone Flex Belt ain’t really an ab machine as you don’t do exercises. It is an ab toner working with electrical muscle stimulation. If you want to know more about the Slendertone belt, please read our Slendertone Review.

Click here to buy a Slendertone Belt for the best price at Amazon.

Cheap Ab Lounge Abdominal Exerciser

The Ab Lounge is one of the “classics” that has been around for quite a time. Its advantages are that this machine supports your head (thereby reducing the stress on your neck) and that you pre-stretch your ab muscles. Not recommended if you have back problems. On the good side, it’s quite sturdy and comfortable.

Cheap Ab Rocket

The Ab Rocket is another very popular Ab Machine. It has a height limitation of 5’9 or else your head will not rest comfortably. The advantage of the Ab Rocket is that the springs will assist you in your ab crunch exercise. But it will depend on your fitness level whether the strength of the springs is right for you.

Click here to buy a cheap ab rocket.

Buy Ab Circle Pro for Cheap

The Ab Circle Pro has become very popular due to the fitness endorsement by Jennifer Nicole Lee. Read here our review of the Ab Circle and where to buy Ab Circle Pro.

The Cheapest Ab Machines

If you are on a budget, there are a few ab machines that will cost you under 20 US$. Sure, they are not as comfortable and sturdy as the professional machines, but they are still very effective training your abs and if you can’t afford one of the more expensive machines they are a great option.

Valeo Ab Wheel

cheapest ab machine

Cheap and simple, yet effective way to train your abs. You hold it in your hand and roll back and forth, training your abs.
If you can spare the extra buck, we recommend the Lifeline USA Power Wheel> as you can use it on your hands or on your feets.

Read here customer reviews of the Lifeline Power Ab Wheel and see the best price.

Ab Stability Ball

Ab balls (or stability balls) are a great tool for your ab workout and help you increase your core strength. In our ab ball review you can find information on what size you need. If you buy one, don’t forget to buy an air pump, too.

Ab Straps

If you already have a workout bar, then ab straps are a great (and cheap) way to train your abs (especially your lower abs) with hanging leg raises or knee raises. Not recommended if you have back problems. Read our Ab Straps Review.

You need to fix the Ab Straps to a Workout Bar. If you don’t have one, our recommenadition would be the Iron Gym Workout Bar.


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