Cheap 2000 Watt Generator All Power America APG3014


Cheap 2000 Watt Generator All Power America APG3014


Cheap 2000 watt generator All Power America APG3014

If you are looking for a cheap but really working 2000 watt generator, the All Power America APG 3014 might be the answer.  It doesn’t have many features like inverter or wheel or electric start. It just a simple, light weight generator and work pretty good as long as you don’t run it more than its rated power. Do not mislead by the 2,000 watt which is actually the maximum surge wattage. This unit only has a running wattage of 1,400 watt.

1,400 watt is enough for camping or recharging batteries or to keep your refrigerator On during the power outage. If you think you need a bigger capacity, never hesitate to consider getting a bigger one. However, the price will also more expensive and the unit will be heavier as well. The APG3014 weights about 54lbs,  about the average size of common 2,000 watt non-inverter generator. Even though it doesn’t come with any wheel, the weight is still manageable by most adults.

With a 4 stroke engine, you are free from the tedious duty of mixing oil and gas for the fuel. Just add in unleaded gasoline into the fuel tank, pull the recoil to start the engine and you have your own electricity. This small generator can contain max 1.3 gallons of gasoline which is enough to produce electricity for 9 hours with 1/2 load.

The 4 stroke engine can produce 3.0 Horse Power with noise level at 65 dB. If low noise level is important to you, then you might need to consider getting an inverter type generator instead of this one. However they might easily cost you double or triple.

As safety feature, a low oil shutdown mechanism is available to automatically turn off the generator if the oil is below the factory recommendation. This is very important to keep the generator from damaging itself due to over heating. The Auto Voltage Regulator will help you to get a steady output voltage at different loads.

All Power America APG3014 comes with two AC 120V outlets and one DC 12V outlet. The 120VAC output are useful to power most home electrical equipment while the DC 12 V is very useful to charge your car battery. The AC output has a 60Hz frequency with sine output, good enough to power not so delicate instrument. However I don’t recommend to charge your smartphone, laptop & other sensitive equipment with this generator.

With several power outages happened lately, having a generator is really handy and useful. Not only it may light up the dark night, keeping your fridge ON during power outage is necessary. That is unless you want to clean up all the mess of the melted cheese and meat and throw away most of your living stocks.

For those who are considering to get a cheap but reliable 2000 watt generator, All Power America APG3014 might be your best choice. It cost you less than $200, and this item actually eligible for FREE shipping  with Super Saver Shipping if you buy it from Amazon today.

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