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The Charmglow grills name is now owned and sold by Home Depot. Nexgrill and Brinkmann Corporation are the two manufacturers of these barbeque gas grills.

Since 60’s, Charmglow bbq grills were very famous for their quality makes that would last for years and decades. But after Home Depot acquired the trademark in 2004 and started making these grills  in China, the Charmglow name quickly lost its loyal following and good reputation.

Beware if you are going to buy one of these gas grills. As most of the models have been discontinued, when something goes wrong with you purchase, it won’t be very easy to fix or get replacements parts.

Besides the fact that these grills have been discontinued, recent years Charmglow models have received many complaints from the consumer for low quality performance, uneven heating and dangerous flare-ups.

Many expensive Charmglow grill parts, like the burners, ignition system, frame and wheels have been reported to rust or break within very short space of time (around 2 years of use).

Since Home Depot took over, Charmglow gas grills quickly went down in quality and cooking performance. Their only remaining strengths are: large- powerful burners, full feature grills and attractive stainless steel design.


Even though most of Charmglow gills have been discontinued, you might still find some remaining stock at local Home Depot stores. Knowing the facts as described above will give you an edge when it comes to negotiating the price. Just point out their bunch of weakness and you should be able to secure pretty good deals.

Most of the remaining stock are Charmglow 5-Burners stainless steel gas grills made by Nexgrill (some places might have 4 burners). Each of these units have a brass cover side burner under a flush, which gives out 12,000 BTU’s of heating power on top of 50,000 BTU from 5 main burners.

Fully feature loaded with large cooking area, these bbq outdoor gas grills are still pretty good offers for their low price. However, they are made of low quality materials and the construction is poor.

So combined with factors such as uneven heating and discontinued production, it is not recommended to buy any Charmglow gas grills.

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