Char Broil Gas Grill Reviews


Char-broil gas grills are very popular amongst the bbq community for their budget outdoor barbeque grills.

Since inception, Char-broil’s main emphasis has always been on providing the best grill for use on your deck and patio set ups, keeping true to their statement “Inviting Everybody Outside Since 1948“.

Apart from barbeque gas grills, Char-broil also sell other lines of smokers, fryers and even do fireplaces installation.

From 2008, the brand also introduced new line of infrared gas grills, which include the Charbroil Quantum, Red and Heatvave Infrared gas grill series. The advancement of technology has truly pushed the traditional cooking methods beyond the boundaries to a much more sophisticated level.

Nonetheless, the market for conventional gas barbeque grills is still very widely spread. Below you’ll find the the list of top consumer picks.

Popular Char Broil Gas Grills

Char-Broil QuickSet: 2-burner gas grill is the brand’s lower-end-inexpensive model that provides fairly basic outdoor grilling power. For under $200, this lightweight machine is great for those with limited budget and do not cook too frequently. Perhaps, it suits best someone who just want to grill a quick burger, for example, but not for those who prepare large barbecue parties.

char broil patio caddie gas grill

Char Broil Patio Caddie Gas Grill: has earned an award-winning vertical grill design. This full-size bbq grill is perfect for use in limited space patios, decks or terraces. Thanks to efficient high-narrow design, with only single 10,000 BTU burner, it actually produces amazingly good amount of heat. But don’t expect too much, as you would probably be able to barely sear a beef steak.

Char-Broil Commercial Series: are inexpensive large size gas barbeque grills. They give out high cooking heat with multiple main burners plus an extra side burner. These CharBroil gas grill units will successfully accomplish any basic grilling tasks. They come with flush mounted hood cover and have wheels for easy moving around your backyard. Overall, the Commercial Series is well balanced between high heat output and utility features.

Thermos Grills – Grill2Go Advantage: are series of Thermos grills by Charbroil, which are liked by many people who enjoy versatile cooking surfaces and controlled flames. The Thermos gas grill is easy to set up, thus it has added bonus as a convenient barbeque griller.

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