Champion Power Equipment 46539 Review



  • A gauge is provided to measure run time, voltage capacity and frequency level.
  • Greater portability due to smaller dimensions
  • Includes an RV (recreational vehicle) receptacle
  • The startup using remote control is a feature never seen in generators of this price range. You can also use this function from about 80 feet away because the remote control makes use of radio frequency signals.


  • The machine is a heavy generator

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Not many electricity generators can match the versatility level of the 46539 unit made by Champion Power Equipment. Moreover, there is almost no other such device on sale for a price so low as this one. The fact is that this gadget has a combination of huge amount of running power and efficiency of fuel usage along with convenience of use. This electrical generator is definitely one of the most reliable ones available. Yes, its engine is gasoline based and does not run on propane but it has passed all the tests for standard verification. It has got the approval for operating in the USA. Some main features are

  • Included engine oil
  • Includes a motor oil for startup
  • Its wheels are built for heavy duty, built using a technology known as Never Flat which increases the ease to move the generator around greatly. The wheels of the generator have an approximate diameter of 8 inches.
  • Electric start
  • Electric start function is easy to activate wirelessly. There is also a battery pack included with it.

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Some other important notes about the product

  1. Having the regular outlets of 120 V, it gives out 20 amperes and a maximum power of about 2500 watts not 3500 watts. If you require a 3500 watts output, you will then have to use either the left most outlet of 30 amperes and 125 volts or the RV outlet.
  2. The level of noise generated is also very less especially when compared with other electrical generators in the market.
  3. Buying this machine would not be such a good idea if you want a 220/240 V outlet because this generator does not have it. But then again, they never said there will be one so there’s not much wrong in it.
  4. The wheels of the generator do a great job bringing its weight much more under control. One little concern can be the handle placement which is not too great and you have to be careful while dragging the machine behind you otherwise there is always a chance of you clipping the generator with your trailing foot.
  5. The remote start feature is a very useful addition to it and when you use it, the generator after it cranks up, takes it time to stabilize before the outlets receive any power.
  6. The only other concern may be the slow speed of filling gasoline into the gas tank. You have to be careful not to spill any if you try to rev up the filling speed.
Champion Power Equipment 46539

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This product, the Champion 46539 portable is not a device to be used by everyone. It is suitable mainly for those users who require a small power. Its power rating is less and it also does not have a 240 V outlet. But what it lacks in this is definitely more than made up for in some other areas as stated above.
The efficiency of the gasoline engine used by the machine is very high. On an average, with a load off 50 percent, it can provide unfettered power for about 12 whole hours with its tank completely filled with gas. The assembling of this machine is a job that can easily be done by virtually anyone. Same is the case with its operation, which includes the remote start feature enabling you to start it while sitting inside your house. As far as looks go, it is also quite attractive.


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