champion dual fuel inverter generator


Champion Generators Review

Champion generators are reliable products that can fit most kinds of power requirements. Champion generator reviews can show how these dependable products can provide the essential power supply on many important occasions.

Champion, a US company based in Santa Fe Springs, California, has been designing and manufacturing durable generators, including Champion generator parts. The company has different models that can fit specific power requirements and budget.

A Champion portable generator can satisfy a range of requirements, from heavy duty power supply such as the 7500-Watt Model #41537, to smaller-scale power requirements such as the 2000-Watt Inverter Generator Model #73531i. Champion generators also address power needs in between this range of requirements with specific medium duty, light duty, and recreational models.

Power outages usually happen during severe weather, but can also happen for many reasons. People do not have to wait for another “Frankenstorm” to happen just to be ready. A Champion power generator is a reliable and durable product as well as a good investment for all seasons.


Champion 41135 Generator

Champion generators are best known for their power and for being used to run power tools, this Champion generator is no different – running on a maximum of 6,800 watts. On a full tank at 50 percent load you can get around 11 hours from generator that is powered by a 338cc single cylinder. This Champion generator is ideal for running several appliances or run four power tools at the same time. Click here to read more…

Champion 42431 Generator

The Champon 42431 generator has received relatively good reviews with few criticisms. This 1200 Watt generator claims to have ten hours of run time at full gas with a load of 50 percent.It is also well known for being cheaper compared to other brands while still giving you a good performance and a functional generator. Click here to read more…

Champion 46539 Generator

This Champion generator is equipped with a low oil shutdown sensor to preserve energy. The design and engine that this generator uses does not breakdown easily and requires low maintenance. This generator also comes with a wheel kit which makes it more portable. Click here to read more…


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