Champion 46517 Generator


Best Generators for Home Use – Champion 46517

Champion 46517 best portable generators for home use

Champion 46517

Best Generators for Home Use – Champion 46517 OVERVIEW

The Champion Power Equipment 46517 uses a 196CC OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered engine that can produce up to 3,500 watts of power. This is one of the most cost efficient portable generators which can last up to twelve hours per gas tank. This also has RV ready outlets and spark arrestor that prevents errant sparks from flying whenever you plug in your appliances. This can provide safe and reliable power source for all your electrical needs without risking your delicate electronics to sudden high power surge. 7% discount!

Best Generators for Home Use – Champion 46517 Features

  • It has a 4,000 watts power surge and about 3,500 watts continuous power with pull cord recoil starter system and capable of up to four gallons of fuel.
  • The 196 cc OHV CPE gas powered engine can produce clean power of 120 Volts 30 Amps RV Receptacle (120 Volt AC, 60 Hz) single phase load and has pre wired connections ideal for RVs.
  • Comes with low oil sensor system, Voltmeter for efficient monitoring of the output voltage, and automatic decompression for easy starting.
  • Four -point engine mount damper system to minimize vibration and noise levels with a pneumatic no flat wheel kit.
  • EPA approved

Best Generators for Home Use – Champion 46517 Safety Features

This product features an innovative fuel gauge design for convenient control of fuel supply and has a built in air cleaner for filtering dust and minute debris from entering the engine through the air intake. All outlets are circuit breakers protected with twist lock outlets and low oil shut off system to protect the engine. This also has an integrated spark arrestor, low oil sensors and electrical system overload protection.

Best Generators for Home Use – Champion 46517 Disadvantage

  • Non – CARB compliant which means this is not for sale in California.
  • No electric start system.

Best Generators for Home Use – Champion 46517 Includes:

  • This product comes on full package inclusive of a wheel kit, push handle, support leg, and vibrations mount damper system.
  • Other accessories include a spark arrester kit inclusive of cover plate, oil funnel, RV adapter, and a spark plug socket.

Best Generators for Home Use – Champion 46517 Overview

Starting the engine with its pull cord recoil start system is no problem so even if this model has no electric start option, it is a small set back even if you are not accustomed to using pull cord recoil starter. This is also protected by industrial grade steel frame for high impact and although this model is quite heavy at about one hundred nineteen pounds, the wheel kit provides excellent support for moving around and convenient storage.

And since this model uses a four stroke 196 CC engine, you do not have to worry about additional expenses such as buying two -stroke engine oil. There is also no need to mix fuel with oil which can get messy sometimes especially in the exhaust. This portable generator is low maintenance and you can store it for longer periods of time just make sure you follow the instruction manual for storage. As a back-up power supply for your home or camping, the Champion Power Equipment 46517 can provide a reliable service for years. 7% discount!


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