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Champion generators are quite arguably the best portable generators in the industry, due to their amazing quality, performance, and durability. And they have reasonable price tags too, especially if you shop around and compare prices like we have. During our research, we noticed that Amazon seemed to have the best prices on a Champion generator (Click Here To See It For Yourself). And with Amazon you generally get free shipping too.

Some Reasons Why The Champion Generators Are So Popular:

  • Champion generators all have reliable 4 stroke engines (the engine is hands down the most important part of any generator, and the Champion portable generators all have extremely reliable 4 stroke engines, which means that they do not require the hassle of mixed fuel. On top of that, 4 stroke engines tend to burn less fuel than 2 stroke engines, and they last longer and run better as well.)
  • Most of them are CARB/EPA compliant (if a generator is not EPA/CARB compliant then it can not be sold in certain states, such as California for example. But this is not an issues with most of the Champion generators on the market because most of them are indeed CARB compliant.)
  • They are extremely fuel efficient (all of the Champion portable generators feature very fuel efficient 4 stroke motors. This may not seem like it is overly important, but you can save a lot of money by using a generator that is good on gas. Most of the Champion generators can run for about 10-20 hours on a single tank of gas, which is far better than most of the other comparable name brand generators out there.)
  • Certain Champion Generator models come with remote electric starting capabilities (did you know that many of the Champion generator systems actually have remote electric start? This means that you can start the generator from the comfort of your home if your power goes out. Simply use your remote and you will have your generator up and running, and powering your home or camper in no time. This is by far one of the nicest features of these generators.)
  • Champion portable generators offer exception performance and reliability for the price (perhaps the most impressive feature of these fine generators is the fact that they offer top notch performance, reliability, and durability, yet they have a lower price tag than most of the other comparable name brand portable generators out there. Champion portable generators are famous for how rugged and reliable they are, and the performance that they offer is just as good as all of the more expensive generators on the market in our opinion.)
  • They are light weight and fairly compact (another thing that is impressive about the Champion generators is how light they are, at least for how big their engines are. For example, most of them only weigh between 100 and 150 lbs. or so, which is very light for how much power they produce. And lets face it, the heavier a “portable” generator is, the less portable it becomes, regardless of how good the wheels on it are. Basically you will never have to struggle much when moving a Champion generator around.)
  • Another cool thing is that Dyson vacuum cleaners are great too (it isn’t very often that we mention other types of products on this website, but in this case it is well worth mentioning vacuum cleaners by the Dyson company. In fact, pet hair removing Dyson vacuum cleaners are actually some of the bets, most powerful machines that we have ever seen. Sure, they don’t run off of gasoline like the Champion generators do, but they are still incredibly powerful none the less. This is why we recommend buying one soon, if you have the extra cash.)

The Champion 46515 (The Most Popular Model)

the 46515 champion generator

There are tons of extremely popular Champion generators on the market today, but the Champion 46515 generator is still the most popular out of them all. There is a good reason for this though: it only costs about $300, and it produces an impressive 4,000 watts of power. The Champion 46515 generator is powered by a 200cc four stroke engine, which is extremely fuel efficient (much like all of the other Champion generators.) It can run for 12 hours at a 50% load, on a single tank of gas.

Another great thing about the Champion 46515 is how light it is (it only weighs 106 lbs., which is far lighter than most other air cooled 200cc 4 stroke generators.) This thing produces a phenomenal amount of power for its size, due to its extremely efficient motor. Also, the motor features a low oil shut-off, which will automatically turn the engine off if the oil gets too low. This is a great feature that will keep your motor from seizing up (and getting ruined) if it ever runs out of engine oil.

The Champion 46515 portable generator is also amazingly quite too, which is certainly a very nice feature for ANY generator. In fact, it is only 8dB louder than normal conversation, meaning that it is barely any louder than you and I would talk. So in other words, you wont have to yell just to talk to someone while this thing is running nearby. Sure this may not seem that important, but being around a loud generator all the time can get old after awhile!

You can run just about anything off of the 46515 portable generator, such as house lights, refrigerators, air conditioners, TV’s, and much more. For out door projects you can run multiple power tools at once, such as electric impact wrenches, drills, saws, and more. This makes the 46515 a very versatile generator; it is perfect for pretty much any type of home or job site application. It features the same rugged durability as all of the other Champion generators, and offers amazing performance for the price.

Basically our only gripe with the Champion 46515 generator is the fact that it does not come with remote starting ability, and it is not EPA/CARB compliant (meaning that it cannot be sold in CA.) While the CARB compliant issue isn’t that big of a deal in our opinion (you can just buy it in a state OTHER than CA, or have it shipped to a state other than CA and then pick it up), the fact that it doesn’t have remote starting capability was a little bit of a disappointment. However, considering that it only cost about $300, we can see why it does not include that feature. And even without remote starting, this generator still offers far more than any other $300 generator that we have ever seen.


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