Chain Saws


A chainsaw will commonly be used in such activities as felling lumber, cutting tree limbs, and removing branches. Firefighters also commonly used chainsaws to assist them in crating firebreaks. Chainsaws can be either gas or electrically powered. A chain moving over a hard metal “guide bar” provides the cutting power, the chain having numerous teeth along its edge.


Depending on the job at hand, the motor and the chain involved may differ. Chainsaws range from smaller models that are appropriate for simple home jobs, to large industrial chainsaws fit for cutting down trees. The teeth of a chainsaw come in a number of variations. The most common arrangement consists of alternating teeth set at an angle that cut and chip into the wood. When working with softer wood, a chain may be setup as a “skip tooth” saw, allowing excess sawdust more opportunity to escape the blade.

Most chainsaws that operate on gasoline are self-lubricating, meaning that the oil contained in the fuel is carried along the guide bar and back into the engine, providing plenty of lubrication. As the chainsaw has become more popular with all sorts of users, companies are striving to make chainsaws more convenient. Lighter weight models have emerged for home use, as well as other advanced features. The Easy2Start technology employed by Stihl, for example, uses a spring to assist in starting the motor.

It is of course very important to operate safely when using a chain saw. Before you begin, be sure that you are in a condition to operate your chain saw. Definitely avoid using a chain saw if you have been doing any drinking, are on medication, or have any other mental or physical impediments. Be sure to have hearing protection, as a chainsaw can easily damage your hearing. Safety goggles and steel toed shoes are also highly recommended. Also avoid wearing any loose fitting or baggy clothing that could potentially be snagged up by the chainsaw.

Preventive maintenance is also an important part of chainsaw use. Make sure that the chain is sharp and fits tightly over the guide bar. A loose chain can whip off the guide bar and cause serious injury.

The Poulan Pro Model PP4620AVX comes highly recommended at $199 and is considered a good choice for almost any heavy duty job required. At the lower end, the Tornado Tools 18V battery powered chain saw fares decently against smaller jobs and comes in at $79.99.


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