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The ceramic water filter; an invention of the 1800s that is impacting the lives of millions today.

In the event of a natural disaster when city water filtration is out, a home ceramic filtering system may be the best way to make your what little water you have biologically safe to drink. Sure you can purifying your drinking water with iodine tablets or bleach, but neither of these methods are a safe as ceramic filtration.

Why Get A Ceramic Filter/Purifier

Actually, a ceramic water filter is actually more of a purifier. This is because the purpose of a purifier is to make water biologically safe by removing micro-organisms.

In the true sense of the word, “filters” eliminate sediments and chemical compounds but don’t remove micro-organisms.

Ceramic purifiers reduce bacteria and cysts. These contaminants can damage health very quickly and can even be deadly. Such was the case in Milwaukee in 1993, when a crytosporidium (water borne parasite) infected the tap water. Around 60 people died and about 400,000 got sick.

Get A Quality Ceramic Water Filter

Things To Look Out For

Quality manufacturers now incorporate activated carbon filtration and silver with ceramic filtration.

Activated carbon filters are good at removing sediments, bad odor and taste, chlorine and a range of synthetic chemicals.

Just how harmful are these contaminants?

Chlorine for example, is linked to asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Also, when chlorine comes in contact with organic material (basically any part of the human body), it forms carcinogenic by-products.

Therefore reducing or eliminating chemicals contaminants as well as micro-organisms is vital in the quest for safer, healthier drinking water.

Some ceramic systems also have silver (a recognized bactericide) impregnated within its filters. This is to prevent mold, algae and other bacteria from growing through the filter and cross-contaminating your drinking.

When you buy a ceramic filtration system, you have to be careful with how you handle the device. If the device is dropped or abused in some way, hairline fractures can develop in the filter which in turn causes cross-contamination of your tap water.

If the clean-side of the filter comes in contact with dirty hands, dirty water or unclean cloths, the filter should be carefully cleaned or sterilized.

Here Is A Quality Ceramic Filter

Drinking adequate amounts of water is essential to good health but even more important is drinking clean, wholesome water. Making sure your drinking water has bacteria, other micro-organisms and chemicals removed is one of the greatest gift you can give to your family.

By acquiring this high quality countertop ceramic water filtration system, you’ll be possibly giving your family gift of continued good health.

Here are some of the benefits of this filtration system:

==> The system as well as the internal filter cartridge can be installed quickly and easily.

==> It can remove various harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria, cysts (cryptosporidium and giardia) E. coli, fecal coli form, salmonella and streptococcus.

==> Unit can connect to virtually any kitchen tap.

==> Has a switch that allows you to choose between purified and unpurified tap water.

==> Has a whopping 6 stages of filtration that reduces over 500 contaminants.

==> Filters contaminants down to a respectable 0.5 microns. (The lower this number the better)

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