Century Creed Muay Thai Heavy Bag Review


We recently tried out the latest Muay Thai heavy bag offering from Century. Century are known for making quality punch bags, that are very versatile. Their world wide best selling bob serious has been used by boxers, MMA fighters and Muay Thai enthusiasts alike. Now Century have released a specific heavy bag. We took a look at how well the Creed Muay Thai heavy bag holds up to our brutal kick and Muay Thai offence.

As you will know if you have looked at our heavy bag guide, Muay Thai bags are longer and more slender than your usual heavy bag. So the Creed, a 6ft 100 pound offering from Century may seem large, but it is about average for a Muay Thai bag. It comes with chains and a swivel, so it can be suspended from the ceiling. This gives you plenty of room to launch your kick based training. This does mean though that it is more crucial than ever to make sure you have a strong beam to suspend this bag from, as it has a very considerable weight.

It is covered in leather, and is extremely firm and hard wearing. Muay Thai bags tend to take a great deal of force and punishment so it is crucial they can withstand it. It was soft on the feet and shins as well, and we found we got hardly got any damage to our skin off the surface of this bag. It will need to be covered if used outside though, as the leather does not react great in the elements. Also due to the heavy weight make sure you are confident with where you are hanging it, as it is not easy to move.

The weight distribution is very even, and the quality of strike resistance as a result is fantastic. We could launch all different types of kicks, and have where never in danger of overbalancing by trying to land on a bag hat swings all over the place.

Century have given us a bag that stands up to a great deal of force, and is good for new users and seasoned pro’s alike. If you where considering putting one on your gym for casual users it is a good choice, but even a seasoned Muay Thai fighter can use this. It is also great for anybody into MMA or owning an MMA training school or gym, to build technique on a Muay style offence. You will be able to unload full force kicks on this comfortably, more than you can a bag that is designed for a mixture of grapples kicks and strikes. In terms of a our kicking bag there are not many better on the market. It may seem pricey, but specialist bags are usually more expensive due to increased material costs, so the price on this is actually very reasonable. Especially with a brand name like Century behind it. A quality bag. 8/10


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