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A central water filtration system, otherwise known as a whole house water purifier, will vastly improve the quality of your tap water.

Increasing your water quality is extremely important because despite your water provider’s initial water treatment, there are still chemicals and sediment in your water supply.

These contaminants are harmful to your health and damage the fixtures within your home.

A central water filtration system, which is a point-of-entry water system, does its filtration just where your water line enters your home. Therefore, it provides clean, healthy water to every faucet and water-using appliance in your home.

This device has a huge advantage over point-of-entry water purification systems often sold in department stores. This is because point-of-entry systems provide filtered water to only one water source in your home, typically a faucet.

Chlorine & Sediment Removal

central water filtration system

 A central water filtration system is a powerful remover of chlorine and sediment from your tap water and will also improve the smell and taste of your water to boot.

Why remove chlorine? Well, despite it being a disinfecting agent that kills water borne bacteria and organisms, ingesting chlorinated water over time has been linked to many types of cancers and birth defects.

Plus from an aesthetic point of view, drinking and showering in chlorinated water dries out your skin and hair, just as it would when swimming in a pool.

Therefore you would be giving your health and appearance a huge boost by getting rid of chlorine in drinking water.

Besides, with the improved taste of filtered water, children will be more inclined to drink water rather than sodas which are extremely unhealthy.

Your financial health could also be affected if your water has a lot of sediment. Sediment will adversely affect the operation of your dishwasher, washing machine and water heater, costing you big money to either replace or fix them.

Sediment also decreases your water pressure (not ideal for a nice, long shower) and cause significant corrosion of your plumbing.

Therefore, installing a quality central water filter would save you a whole lot of trouble.

Finding A Quality Central Water Filter

Before you throw money at the first central water filtration system you see, recognize that there are so many choices on the market, you’ll be left confused. You need to exercise caution and select a water filtering unit that is price attractive, is certified and a solid reputation.

This central water filter/whole house water purifier satisfies all the above requirements. The device is reasonably priced and doesn’t cost much to maintain. The main filter unit can last three years, and the pre-filter, which cost under $20, can last up to six months.

The filtering device is certified to NSF 42 standard, which means it has been tested and proven to be an effective remover of chlorine and sediment in drinking water.

Finally, this central water filter is made by the best water filter company in America. Its water purification systems have won numerous consumer awards over the years, beating big name brands like Homespring and Whirlpool hands down.

Water is life – the basis of good health. Ensure that you and your family are drinking the cleanest water possible by installing a central waterfilter/whole house water purifier today.

TipFor even healthier drinking water, use both a central water filter system/whole house water purification system and an under counter/countertop water filter.A countertop/under counter filter will remove a wide range of industrial chemicals from a single tap in your home, chemicals which a whole house system can’t remove

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