Cathe Ergo Wing Ankle Weights 2, 5 LB.

Review Summary
In the journey to a healthier body, many routes are available to increase the effectiveness of your existing workouts. Cathe Ergo Wing Ankle Weights 2, 5 LB., for instance, were created to wear while doing other workouts, slightly increasing the resistance and thereby boosting the calories burned and the results seen. These wrist and ankle weights can be found on multiple retailer websites. They were designed by Cathe, a woman who has a series of workout DVD programs and fitness accessories. They can also be found on her official website.

The Cathe Ergo Wing Ankle Weights 2, 5 LB. can be found on numerous retailer websites. They are meant to be used to tone legs and arms and can also be used to help develop strength and speed. They are a one size fits most design, meaning there’s no sizing options. Like ankle and wrist weights, The Flex Belt is designed to increase the effects of an existing workout program and can be a great addition to a routine that utilizes the Cathe Ergo Wing Ankle Weights 2, 5 LB. The Flex Belt product, however, requires no effort at all. Instead, The Flex Belt uses what’s called EMS technology to send electronic wavelengths into the abs where contractions are triggered. This means you can get an ab workout with The Flex Belt, which is FDA cleared, while you are cooking dinner or even watching the game.

How much you can expect to pay for Cathe Ergo Wing Ankle Weights 2, 5 LB. depends on the weight level you want and where you find them. At the writing of this review, we located the 5 pound version for about $12.50 and the 2 pound weights for closer to $11. Prices tend to vary from retailer to retailer.

The Cathe Ergo Wing Ankle Weights 2, 5 LB. are most commonly found on various retailer websites where other fitness products are sold. This means pricing differences and information abound. Some of these retailers offer consumer reviews and ratings, giving insight into what others like you have thought of the products. The official website for The Flex Belt features testimonials along these same lines, letting you know of the success other people have achieved with the ab toning belt.

Final Facts
The Cathe Ergo Wing Ankle Weights 2, 5 LB. are designed to increase the resistance of an existing workout program. In the effort to lose weight or simply stay fit, there are many devices created to boost your results. Ankle and wrist weights do this by adding weight to your body, causing it to work harder. Some people even find that wearing such weights around the house throughout the day might add enough extra resistance to make a difference in the pursuit of their fitness goals. Being available on various retailer sites makes finding the weights fairly simple, though choosing a retailer may be a bit more challenging.


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