Carrier Natural Gas Generator


If you are looking for the best liquid cooled Carrier natural gas generator, be sure to find out what kind of solutions Carrier has to offer. In fact, they have an excellent 30 48KW generator that provides enough power output to weather the worst power outages. In addition, this particular model also has a lot of power to offer and is constructed in a very durable fashion to ensure that you never have to worry about a thing regarding its build.

This particular Carrier natural gas generator will automatically turn on as soon as an outage occurs and then will do its job with the help of either natural gas or even propane. It is a perfect solution for power outage situations and it is perfectly durable as well. You can choose to buy this unit in either steel or even an aluminum cabinet.

The liquid cooled home standby generators from Carrier have UL 2200 protection ratings and is painted with the help of electrostatic powder paint applications. It also boasts of automatic start up as well as automatic shut down.

Another benefit that liquid cooled home standby generators from Carrier offers is its ultra quiet operation and it does in fact, hardly makes any noise when in operation. There is also a thirty horsepower two cylinder engine to ensure that it can provide sufficient power.

Each Carrier natural gas generator is backed by a two year limited warranty. Once installed in your home or office, these generators will restore power to the building and will continue providing power for your home HVAC system for a pretty long time.

All in all, these generators are an asset to every building and coming as they do from a well known company such as Carrier ensures that you will not have to worry at all when power supply is interrupted. All you need to do is find the nearest Carrier dealer. Just ask them to answer all your questions in regard to solving power outage problems.

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