Cardio workout routines – Top 5 to supercharge your weight loss


How do I know if I am getting the cardio workout that I need to help me in my weight loss program?

A cardio workout will help you burn calories when it id used in conjunction with a diet. You should not only cut down on the amount of calories that you are eating, but you should do cardiovascular exercises to help burn up the extra calories that have been stored as fat in your body.

The top five cardio exercises that you can do to help supplement your weight loss program are:

  • Running This is the top rated cardiovascular exercise. It does not require any special equipment and you can easily burn 300 calories in a 30 minute run.
  • Cross country skiing this exercise can be done indoors on a machine or outdoors in the fresh air and snow. It gives you an upper and lower body workout and helps you burn about 330 calories in a 30 minute ski.
  • Bicycling you can go for a regular bicycle ride or use a stationary bike. Depending on the intensity of the exercise and the resistance, you can burn up to 500 calories in a 30 minute workout.
  • Elliptical trainer  – similar to cross country skiing, this exercise machine will help you have a full body workout, that will burn about 300 calories in 30 minutes. It will help you build endurance while protecting your joints from high impacts.
  • Swimming   This exercise is also a full body workout. More body parts are involved in swimming and more calories are burned 400 in 30 minutes. Your joints are actually supported by the water, so they are protected.

Lengthy cardio exercises are fine a few days a week. You should not do lengthy workouts unless you are following a balanced diet.


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