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Kylie Jenner and the Kardashians, in general, have popularized the trend of having pouty, fuller lips. Having thin lips make young girls feel insecure and inadequate. With the growing need to be accepted on social media and the online world, the young generation wants to do everything possible in their control to look more acceptable and pleasing to others.

One of the ways for people with thin lips to get puffer and fuller lips was to get a lip surgery done. But, it is very expensive and the chances of you not looking the way you thought are also present. Some of the surgeries go wrong too and since it is the lips, it affects the whole look of your face. That is why we found that Google search for products like Candy lipz review to be growing.

What exactly is Candy lipz?

Candy lipz review tells us that this is a company that is dedicated to lip care products. Their main focus is on natural lip enhancement and they also claim to be experts on that front. The lip enhancement basically shapes and contours your lips while making them look fuller. This product can be used every day once the user’s lips get conditioned to the product.

How does Candy Lipz work?

Candy lipz has many different models. The Candy Lipz plumper, in particular, is a product that contours and shapes the lips of a person. Before you use the product, make sure that your lips are soft and dry. Remove any kind of lip balm or lipstick and make sure that your lips are dry. A Candy lipz review suggested that you  also to check whether your lips are properly aligned with the center of the product before you can use it.

Compress the lip pump as you pucker and wiggle your lips in as far as you can. Keep in mind that you don’t have to let any air in the pump for which you will have to avoid breathing into it as well. Release the pump and relax your lips as they get sucked in. A sure-shot way of knowing whether you have done it correctly is by trying to leave the pump to hang hands-free. According to a Candy lipz review, if it fitted perfectly, it will stick to your mouth without needing assistance. It is meant to be used like that.

Any Candy lipz side effects?

The experience of using this product varies from person to person. But, in general, Candy lipz review suggested a slight pinch and burning sensation. It is to be expected because your lips get sucked in. Their official websites ask their new users to give a time frame of 7-10 days for your lips to get used to the product. If it happens to you, stop using the product until the hickeys or bruises go away completely.

Pros and Cons of Candy lipz

Different Candy lipz review found different pros and cons. They have been mentioned below.


ü  The product actually works.

ü  It is a good and cheap alternative to getting a lip surgery, which is permanent.

ü  It is made of high-quality materials.

ü  The suction of the product can be controlled.

ü  It gets the work done in a matter of minutes at most.


û  If you consider them for what they actually are, they are a bit on the expensive side.

û  There is a conditioning period.  Candy lipz review said that bruises and lip hickeys are very common side effects to first-time users.

Is Candy lipz a scam?

This product is not for everybody. A Candy lipz review said that the chance of getting bruises and hickeys scared the customers from using the product for the first time. Some first-time users also experienced a stinging sensation. But, it will not be a problem for those who can handle a little bit of discomfort. Apart from these drawbacks that are only to be experienced for the first couple of days, we can say that this product is not a scam.

Candy lipz Customer Testimonials

One Candy lipz review differs from other. The stinging and discomfort feeling was felt by some users while others barely experienced anything. It really depends on the person’s personal threshold to bear the pain. Since you only have to keep the product on for a few minutes, it shouldn’t be a problem. People who are using the product for the first time may experience slight bruising and even lip hickeys. This is why the conditioning period is highly recommended.

Apart from all this, all the results for this product were positive. The level of fullness of the lip varies from person to person since the suction can be adjusted. Regular use is only recommended once you have completed the conditioning period of 7-10 days. A Candy lipz review said that they tried to use it without conditioning their lips first and faced slight marks on their lips.

Prices and Where to buy?

You could buy the Candy Lipz Plumper from their website. A simple lip plumper will cost you around 49.99$ on discount whereas a set of plumper will cost you around 79.99$ on sale. They come in different flavors. They also come in the shape of plums and apples.

One Candy lipz review brought to our attention that the same products are also available on other online portals.

What is the Refund Policy for Candy lipz?

Like any other product, sales once made are full and final. Their website says that they treat the plumpers as sex toys and for reasons like hygiene, they just don’t accept returns or even exchanges at any cost. It took three years for the product to be tried and tested. A single product is supposed to last you for as long as six years.

Our verdict on Candy lipz

It is highly recommended that you complete the 7-10 days of conditioning first. It is very important and it will help you to avoid any kind of bruise or a blister from forming on your lips, which would make you more self-conscious. Use the product sparingly in the beginning so that you don’t bruise. Some Candy lipz review users felt a slight discomfort and stinging sensation when they used the product for the first time.

It is a cheap and temporary alternative to getting an expensive surgery, which is permanent. Once you get used to the product, you could use it on a daily basis if you wanted. All the people who used this product noticed a positive difference in the size of their lips. The increase in the size of the lips varies from person to person.

You could check out the Active Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder. It will help you to have shiny, pearly white teeth. It will complete and compliment your fuller lips look as well. Since it is 100% natural, it is safe to use for people of all ages.

Candy lipz FAQs

  • Q: What are the side effects of Candy Lipz?

Some of the common Candy lipz side effects that are to be expected are stinging sensation while you use the product, you may develop lip hickeys or bruises on your lips when you use the product initially.

  • Q: How do I know if Candy Lipz is right for me?

The only way that you could know for sure if this product is right for you or not is by trying it out. All the reviews that we researched on were positive. The fullness of the lips varies from person to person as no two people are the same. If you are looking for a cheap and temporary alternative to getting a lip surgery then you should definitely try it out as suggested by Candy lipz review.

  • Q: Does Candy lipz work?

It may work for some people while it may not work for others. The outcomes of using this product differ from one person to another. One Candy lipz review said that you should expect slight pinching sensation on your lips when you first use the product. Complete the conditioning period of using the product so you can avoid bruises and lip hickeys.

  • Q: What is the price of Candy lipz?

The price of a single lip plumper is 449.99 whereas a set goes for $79.99. They are available in different shapes and flavors.

  • Q: Where can I buy Candy lipz?

You could purchase the product from their official website. According to a Candy lipz review, you could purchase the product from other online portals as well.

  • Q: How should I take Candy lipz?

You have to squeeze the product and then place your lips where they are supposed to go. Squeeze in your lips as far as they can go comfortably, and then release the pressure off the product. One Candy lipz review said that you will feel your lips get sucked in even further. If you followed the steps correctly, you should be able to leave the plumper on your lips and it won’t fall off.

  • Q: How do I contact Candy lipz customer service?

You can find their contact information on their official website.

  • Q: Can I return Candy lipz?

The sales once made are full are final. Since the product is used on your lips and the chances of your spit dripping on the inside are also there, the company does not accept refunds or exchanges of any sort.

  • Q: What are the most common complaints about Candy lipz?

Some of the common complaints that we found while reading a Candy lipz review is that when you first use the product, you will feel a slight pinching and burning sensation. This is common to experience. Also, first-time users may experience some blisters, bruises, or even hickeys on their lips. Stop using the product if this happens to you until the mark disappears.


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