Can You Work Out Abs Every Day

Can You Work Out Abs Every Day

This question has been asks for so many times from people around the world, that are trying to have nice looking abs. Well I can’t complain about it, because I was one of you guys too back then. And after doing tons of online researches, I have discovered that there are two answers to this question “Can You Workout Your Abs Everyday?”.

The Answers

Yes you can, and No you can’t. How’s that for an answer? Is that enough? Does that answered your question? No, of course not, hell no.. Then let me break it down for you people, let me ease your confusion, let me feel like a hero that saved a child for once again.

Yes You Can

Now you ask again, “why and how you can?”.

Here’s why…

You can workout your abs everyday, only if you train them lightly, and not with 2 45lbs weighted plates on your chest while doing crunches. You can train your abs daily with just your own bodyweight, many of the top fitness models work on their abs daily after they have done doing their main workout. It’s like this guys, if you want to train your abs from Monday to Friday, add 15 minutes more time into your workout session, it’s like 45 minutes main workout, shoulder or legs or whatever, and spend another 15 minutes more for your abdominals workout, so it will be 45 minutes main muscle workout plus 15 minutes abs workout.

What kind of abs exercise you should do if you want to do them in after every workout session? Any exercise that require only your own bodyweight to perform, such as Sit-Ups, Leg Raises, Hanging Leg Raises, and etc etc.

No You Can’t

Again you ask “Why You Can’t?”

And again here’s why.

You can’t workout your abs everyday if you work them 1 hour every each day with heavy barbell plates or anything like it, you just can’t, you’ll know because your body will actually speak to you, how does it speak to me? Well, if the next day your abs is sore as hell, and having hard time waking up from your bed, that means your body is telling you your abs got to take some rest, hell no you can even do 1 repetition the next morning after you work your abs that hard today, your abs will scream!!! No!! It says No! I HAVE TO REST!!

If you work your abs that hard, I would suggest you to just work on them maximum 2 or 3 times per week.

Just because our abdominals muscle recover quicker than the other parts of our muscle in our body, doesn’t mean they can recover within 24 hours after getting a hard beating from your intense abs workout session. Give it time, let it recover, and hit them hard again the next few days.

This is what I use to give my self an intense abs workout


Many thinks that working out their abs everyday will actually get them the great looking 6-packs abs, but no, it doesn’t work that way for everybody, for some, yes.. Especially if you are skinny, and has low body fat %, then yes you will have greater chance of seeing your abs popping out. But for those who are overweight, or has stubborn fat A.k.A belly fat, then you will not benefit as much from just abs workout alone, you got to have a good proper healthy diet in order to achieve your desire of having that great looking abs. Cut down your body fat % by doing more exercises, and when you are at your single digit body fat as know as below 10% body fat, then you will see your abs for sure.

Now, work hard, and use that strong will to achieve your goal. If he can do it, why can’t you?


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