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What’s the Best Filtration System or Camping Water Filter for Hiking?

For those who enjoy outdoor activities, a camping water purifier is essential.


High-quality camping water filters are critical to good health when taking water from either open sources such as rivers and lakes, or from suspect sources, such as campground water faucets which may or may not provide sanitary water.

Anyone who has spent time exploring the outdoors can attest to the fact that appearances can be deceiving. Just because that sparkling, babbling brook looks clean and fresh, does not mean that it is clean and fresh and does not need to by purified.

In many areas, running water can be contaminated from a variety of sources. Animal discharges, raw sewage, and runoff from industrial or farming land can all affect the safety of outdoor water. By using a good-quality water filter camping enthusiasts can have clean, fresh, and healthy water whenever they need it.

Choosing Your Camping Water Filtration System

There are two basic types of camping water purification units available today. The first are smaller units that can be carried in backpacks and used to purify small amounts of water for one or two people. These portable units are great for those who do hiking or biking and not setting up a stationary campsite.

The second type of camping water purifiers is larger in size and weight, and is normally used when a campsite is set up for an extended period of time. These devices can easily clean enough drinking water for an entire family to enjoy. Because of their size and weight, they are not designed for being carried on the back, but, of course, they can be if one is willing to do so.

The Difference in Choice of Camping Water Filter

For the smaller, personal-sized units, a few more details are in order. First, these units are constructed of lightweight materials and good quality units can come in at a weight of eight ounces or less. Because of their small size, these camping water purifiers normally process the source water through a single stage, which means the water is run through a single type of filtering media. This media is often made of ceramic which is long-lasting and durable and able to stand up to rough treatment.

Using hiking water filter video demonstration

Ceramic filtering media in high-quality units will have a rating of no larger than 0.2 microns. This means that organisms larger than 0.2 microns cannot pass through the filter. At this size, virtually all harmful organisms are captured and removed from the raw water making it safe to consume.

The larger units, those suitable for filtering larger quantities of water, will normally use a multi-stage process. Generally, a four or five stage processing system is incorporated into the unit. Each of these stages will remove various contaminants, including organisms and minerals. High-quality camping water filtration systems will also remove chlorine and its aftertaste as well as iron and manganese.

With a multi-stage water purifier camping enthusiasts get the best possible drinking water, which equates to the safest possible drinking water. But it can do more as well.

Even though the larger units are designed for use in the great outdoors, they can also be used when traveling. They are great for those who wish to clean their drinking water on board cruises or when visiting overseas destinations.

Consider Hot Water for Outdoor Camping Water Purifier

Anyone who has spent time outdoors, living in a tent, can appreciate how wonderful hot water can be for bathing, making coffee, tea and soups and for other uses. A camping hot water heater can make all the difference in the world when it comes to spending time outdoors. These units are designed for outdoor use only, and they are constructed tough to withstand the rigors of outdoors use.

Coleman Hot Water on Demand Portable Unit

While these units can make life more enjoyable, it is important to remember that camping water heater will not accomplish the job of the specialized camping water filter.

The water that you use in them must first be treated through a camping water filtration process in order to remove harmful contaminants. The only other way to remove these dangerous contaminants is by boiling the water for several minutes.

Don’t let your next outdoor trip turn into a nightmare. Buy a good quality camping water purifier and learn how to use it properly. The cost of these units has gone down dramatically over the years and many of the best brands are now more affordable than ever.

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