Besides mini cupcakes, cake pops are getting to be getting really popular. If you are already making them, then you will know that you need something to store or transport them. This is where cake pop carriers come into play. Currently, there are these items know as push pop containers which can be used to store and carry your cake pops. Below are the ones that I personally recommend.

BakeDeco’s cake pop carriers

cake pop storage containers

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Bakedeco’s push pop containers have been a popular item selling on Amazon. The overall rating for this product is very good as most people who have purchased this have no complains with it.  Each set will give you 100 sets of containers, which is more than enough to handle any kind of birthday party or wedding events.


  • Freeze safe: You can store your cake pops in the freeze using these containers without any problem. In fact, you can even make ice cream pops with these containers
  • Durable: The overall built of these push pop containers are very sturdy and good. You will have no issue with them breaking apart
  • Washable: You can wash them after use to reuse them. Great for avoiding wastage and saving money
  • Made in Italy: Nuff said. At least you know the quality will be assured.

Cake pops storage by push pop containers

push pop containers

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If you don’t 100 storage containers in a pack, then this 24 set should be good for you. Made by a company called push pop containers, it has received pretty good reviews as well.  Similar to the above, these containers are sturdy, easy to put together and be reused repeatedly for parties and such. Costing less than $30, it is a great buy for those looking to buy cake pop carriers.


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