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With desktop water cooler, the provision of clean drinking water to a relatively large group of people becomes an absolute breeze. The convenience and portability is what really makes the desktop water dispenser a perfect choice for drinking distilled water across millions of offices, schools and colleges, homes, and many other settings where groups of people gather around.

Most countertop drinking water coolers offer both hot and cold water to suit individual’s taste and personal preferences. Further, it is not necessary that you need to lug around large jars of water; many tabletop water cooler varieties can easily be connected to tap water from the mains supply, to ensure a constant flow of clean, directly purified water.

Desktop Water Cooler Sizes

Irrespective of whether you have an individual penchant for certain shapes and sizes, or the strength of your office, etc., even moderately priced countertop water coolers can easily satisfy what you are seeking for. That said, let us now look at some of the more common desktop bottled water dispenser sizes:

1 to 3 gallon water bottles: these are categorized as mini water coolers – they are small in size and best suited for individual desks. Capacity-wise, they have the ability to store enough water to provide both hot as well as cold water.

Usually, a table desktop water cooler is not connected to the mains water supply, due to its considerable small and compact size and the fact you can buy many of them very cheaply to place on the table, within the reach of every person.

Small desktop models are best suited for individual desks, whereby each one could have an electric water dispenser for itself.

5 to 10 gallon water bottles: are the portable tap water dispensers that are not meant for individual desks but rather tabletops or even in standalone form, where many people share one water supply spot.

The capacity of these designs vary, and they can dispense anywhere between 3 to 6 and even 10 gallons. Again, as in the case with mini fridge tabletop water cooler, these dispensers are intuitively capable of storing and giving out both hot and cold water at the same time, while not taking up too much space.

Mid range water coolers around 5 gallons make an excellent choice for large offices spread across entire floors, where a selection of 4-5 of such units may very well cater to the entire group.

Common Problems with Desktop Mini Water Coolers

The primary issue with mini desktop water cooler is the total cost to set up fully and maintain water supply. Essentially because you need to invest in many of them, in order to cater to everyone who might want to drink water, the total expense can be quite high compared to buying big 5 or 10 gallon water bottles or water filters which can purify water directly from tap water.

As a result, you would probably want to think twice before considering desktop water dispensers in a home environment, because they are likely more suited for business meetings.

If you buy too small units, (under 3 gallon sizes) water may run out frequently and requires more maintenance. The inability to connect to the tap water source also means you have to buy and store spare water bottles as a back up just in case.

Best Settings for Desktop or Tabletop Water Cooler

As would probably be obvious to you by now, tabletop water dispensers are best suited for a corporate setting. They allow multiple individuals to have their own, personal drinking water spot which they can use as per their needs and preferences.

With variety of water dispensers available in the market, corporate employees can very well make the best choice for themselves. For instance, the wide assortment of colors and shapes in which these countertop dispensers are available, gives employees the leeway to fulfill their personal penchants to the maxim. That said a mini water dispenser for your kitchen, living room or even your car as a car mini fridge would not be a bad idea at all!

Best Desktop Water Cooler Brands

Here, we will look at some of the more exclusive offerings. Before we delve into mentioning specific brands or makes, it would be useful to mention that many of these refrigerator water dispensers function not just as water cooler but also as a water purifier, filtering away dust and other impurities.

A perfect example of this type is Cuisinart desktop water dispenser which also acts as a mineral water purifier at the same time. A particular model which you would perhaps like to take a close look at is the 2-Gallon Countertop Filtration System , which can dispense hot, cold as well as room temperature water. Further, its excellent purification system ensures that contaminants such as lead, chlorine, mercury, benzene, etc., are successfully removed from the water.

Apart from a reputable American firm such as Cuisinart, there are virtually hundreds of smaller manufacturer in countries such as China that offer a mindboggling array of varied polycarbonate, portable desktop water coolers which fulfill every personal qualm for distilled water, however queer those qualms may be.

On the other hand, some may complain about the quality of cheap Chinese made desktop water dispensers, especially the material used for the inner reservoir in these dispensers. Many of them often use plastic instead of stainless steel which ends up lending its own smell and taste to the water, something that may not be to the liking of many drinkers. However, desktop water cooler products from these manufacturers offer an immense choice and variety of styles, designs and features to cater to all imaginable needs, with every possible shape, size, and materials used.

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