Buying a Used Treadmill


So you’ve got big plans to start working out, but you don’t have the equipment, or the money. One great way to save money, but still get something that will help you see results is to by a used treadmill. It may take a little more work that buying new, but if you’re a little tight on the budget, it’s worth the extra time.

One of the best ways to begin your shopping is to use the Internet. You can find used treadmills for sale on eBay and other online listings. You can also check your local classified ads. Another place to look would be fitness clubs in your area. Buying used commercial treadmills is reliable because you know a health club would use a quality product, but at the same time, you can be sure it has seen a lot of use. You could also see if there is a Play it Again Sports in your area, or another store that sells used fitness equipment. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to find one at a local thrift store. One disadvantage to buying from a thrift store, is that you can’t question the original owner to find out how the treadmill has been used.

When buying any treadmill it is important to do your research. When you buy used treadmill you’ll have a little extra research. In addition to finding out all you can about the model, and brand of treadmill you are going to purchase use, you need to find out about the treadmill’s history. It may be difficult to find information on the treadmill that you are looking to purchase used, especially if it is discontinued. If you are buying a used Proform treadmill you may run into this problem because they change models all the time.

There are some facts you should know before buying used. One good question to ask is why the seller is getting rid of the machine. It’s a better indication if they just never used it, than if they decided they wanted to upgrade. Another good thing to know is how often the treadmill was used, and by whom. The less use the machine received the better. Where the treadmill was stored is another good thing to know.

If possible, consider getting a service record for the treadmill. That way you are aware of any problem the machine has had in the past. If there is no service record because there haven’t been any problems—even better!

Don’t forget to actually test the product out. Before you agree to purchasing the treadmill you should do a trial run. Run on the treadmill for at least a few minutes to make sure it is in good working condition, and that it feel good to run on. Be wary of a treadmill that is loud or shaky. And do a visual check to make sure all the parts are in good condition, especially the belt.

A used treadmill can be a great investment. It’s just important to be an informed consumer. This will ensure you get a product that will perform well for a long time.


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