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When buying a water dispenser, there are a lot of choices available that make your purchase decision difficult. After all, buying a water dispenser is an investment, not only in a kitchen appliance but also in your health. Studies have shown that drinking 8 glasses a day will increase your health, providing you with more energy to get through the day. This makes finding the right water dispenser all the more important. The following information will help guide you through the water dispenser buying process so that you find the right one for you at a really cheap price.

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To start off with, you’ll want to choose which style of water dispenser you want. There are several types such as refrigerator water dispenser, porcelain water dispensers, ceramic water dispensers, and water cooler dispensers. So if you want to keep a lot of water cool in your fridge that easily dispenses into a drinking glass, you’ll want to get the refrigerator style water dispenser. If you’re looking for a nice decorative accent piece that also happens to serve water when you need it you might go for one of the porcelain or ceramic water dispensers and their aesthetic stands. If you’re looking for a cool drink of water like you can get at the office, then you’d probably want a water cooler dispenser. Each one of these models have different features, benefits, functions and prices so understanding which one is best for you will make you purchase easier.

Once you have what style of water dispenser down, you’ll need to figure out what features you’d want from your water dispenser. For instance, water cooler dispensers have a wide range of features from tabletop styles that fit onto a kitchen table or countertop, to models that have both hot and cold water (makes tea and hot chocolate a breeze to make), to some of the more advanced features like extra filtration, refrigerated storage space, or bottom load features. Each of the features cost extra but offer a benefit that you may or may not want.

Finally, once you’ve settled on the model of water dispenser you want to buy you need to check out price. The price of most water dispensers won’t vary by too much, their usually about $10-15 difference; however, if you’re buying water dispensers in bulk that can add up quickly. One of the best places I’ve found to buy water dispensers on the internet is from They have a wide variety that’s almost guaranteed to meet what you’re looking for and since they deal in bulk they have some pretty low prices. Not to mention free shipping.

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