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If you live in an area where electrical power outages are frequent the question of why buy a standby generator for home use is easy to answer. You buy one so life can go on as close to normal as possible even when the electricity has been blacked out. You get one so the food in the fridge doesn’t spoil, the frozen fowl in the freezer doesn’t thaw and candles or lanterns aren’t required to see whatever you’re doing.

If you buy a standby generator for your home, losing power is only a temporary inconvenience. The good ones, like a Lennox for example, come on in a matter of a few seconds and are fully automatic. They’re wired in directly with your home’s electrical circuitry and are designed to disconnect from the power grid when activated and then reconnect when the emergency has passed.

A good generator, once properly installed, does all of this automatically and only requires maintenance after having been using for a period of time. With portable generators using gasoline, the fuel must be emptied out and replaced on a regular basis. These units are also infamously loud, require attachment of various extension cords and pose a real threat (and obnoxious smell) from their exhaust.

A stand-by generator, however, is fueled by liquid propane (LP) or natural gas, is permanently wired in to your home’s electrical system and sits outside, clean and quiet. The system can be designed to power just certain electrical circuits in the house or to provide power to everything. This includes lights, appliances and even entertainment systems.

Why buy a standby generator for home use. That’s easy. Keep living as normally as possible in your home while others are suffering in the dark, cold boredom is what a blackout is sure to bring to most. Do it because you’re a smart cookie or because you want to be able to keep baking cookies, even while others are relegated to eating cold beans and franks.

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