Butterball Turkey Fryer XXL Reviews


When Thanksgiving’s just around the corner, we tend to get frantic with preparations. Probably the most stressful of all is the Thanksgiving meal. In many homes, it’s a tradition to prepare that signature turkey dinner, and of course, who wouldn’t want to keep up with family customs? The only downside with preparing a Thanksgiving meal is the effort. Many of us consider backing out just thinking of the stress that comes from trying to get that massive turkey ready.

If you want to curb the effort and hassle of preparing your Thanksgiving dinner without sacrificing the quality of the spread you put out for your guests and loved ones, then you should consider investing in the Butterball Turkey Fryer XXL.

This heavy-duty kitchen appliance promises to take your turkey and fry it to perfection without putting you through the same stress and trouble that traditional preparation methods do. But is it really worth the cost? Find out with our in-depth review.

At a Glance

When you first look at the Butterball Turkey Fryer XXL, you’ll think you’re looking at some industrial kitchen appliance that can only be found in commercial kitchens. The large, stainless steel body looks almost like a small freezer or refrigerator, and features a black side panel with a digital display and controls.

Upon opening the lid of the Butterball Turkey Fryer XXL, you’ll find a large compartment big enough to fit a whole turkey. The capacity measures 22 pounds, so you can be sure to get your bird cooked to perfection even if you choose the fattest of the bunch.

Ultra Large Capacity, Powerful Cooking

One thing to love about the Butterball Turkey Fryer XXL is its extra large capacity. This seemingly simple device packs a punch in terms of cooking power, able to thoroughly cook a large turkey in just a short amount of time. The machine is able to achieve consistent, uniform heat throughout the entire inside of the compartment, promising to get your turkey cooked evenly and perfectly in much less time than a conventional oven.

Faster Preparations for Less Trouble

Another thing that makes the Butterball Turkey Fryer XXL a great pick for Thanksgiving enthusiasts is the fact that it speeds up the process of preparing meals all together. Because the large turkey won’t be taking up space inside your stove or oven, you can cook everything else you want to prepare alongside your turkey as the bird sits in the Butterball Turkey Fryer XXL.

Prepare vegetables, pies, casseroles, and a variety of other recipes while your turnkey cooks, allowing you to maximize your time and get out of the kitchen sooner.

Easy Clean-Up Process

Cleaning up after preparing a whole thanksgiving meal can feel like a hurdle all on its own. With so many things to wash and clean, it might seem like an impossible feat. So the Butterball Turkey Fryer XXL makes it possible by providing you an oil draining feature that easily drains out the liquid, oil, and juice from the turkey so you don’t have to worry about the logistics of getting rid of the fluid at the bottom of the fryer. The inside compartment is also detachable, and is made of ceramic material that’s easy to clean and rinse.

Lots of Freebies and Goodies to Be Had

With each purchase of the Butterball Turkey Fryer XXL, you don’t only get the fryer itself, but an assortment of accessories that extend its function and make it a little more versatile. The bundle includes a DVD with 44 different recipes you can do with the fryer, an aluminum cooking basket, a drain clip, and $5 rebates when you buy Butterball turkeys.

Simple Controls and Operation

Finally, the thing that makes the Butterball Turkey Fryer XXL the perfect Thanksgiving companion is the fact that it’s easy to operate. The device can be manually set to your desired time and temperature with the press of a button on the interface. Once it’s been set, the device works on its own to cook your bird to perfection just the way you want it. This means you can leave the kitchen and get done with other preparations without having to keep on checking on your turkey.

Pros of the Butterball Turkey Fryer XXL

  • Ultra large capacity makes it easy to cook turkeys up to 22 pounds in weight.
  • Leaves your oven free so you can cook other parts of your Thanksgiving spread while your Turkey fries away in the appliance.
  • Silent operation guarantees stress-free use, even when you’re pressed for time.
  • Efficient clean-up process eliminates the need to slave over your sink when the party’s over.
  • Lots of bundled freebies give you greater value for your money.

Cons of the Butterball Turkey Fryer XXL

  • No viewing window makes it hard to see if your turkey has been cooked thoroughly.
  • Large body makes it difficult to store in your kitchen, and makes it impractical especially when it’s not the time of year for turkey.
  • Temperature settings can’t be brought lower than 300 degrees.
  • Some sharp edges inside the compartment can be a safety hazard.

The Verdict

The Butterball Turkey Fryer XXL isn’t a perfect kitchen appliance, and for many, it may not seem like a practical choice unless you’re cooking turkey all year round. Regardless, it can make those Thanksgiving preparations much more bearable, so if you’re a Thanksgiving enthusiast who wants to put out the best spread this year, be sure to check out this top rated fryer.


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