Butterball Turkey Fryer XL Reviews


Thanksgiving has to be one of the biggest holidays celebrated by millions of people from all walks of life. Aside from encouraging us to reflect on our lives and be thankful for what we’ve been given, Thanksgiving is also the perfect opportunity to come together as a family to celebrate and spread love.

If you’re one of the millions that observes this happy holiday, it’s likely that you don’t take those Thanksgiving preparations lightly. In fact, more people go the extra mile to make Thanksgiving special compared to any other holiday all year round. And what is the best way to boost the festivities and cheer? With a delicious Thanksgiving meal, of course.

We all want to prepare the perfect turkey just in time for Thanksgiving, but no doubt, it’s a difficult challenge to hurdle. Fortunately, there are better ways to prepare that delicious hunk of poultry.

Say hello to the Butterball Turkey Fryer XL. This massive kitchen appliance can be used to cook the perfect turkey – without the need for your supervision or intervention. Simply pop your turkey into the device, and it’ll take it from there.

Yes, it may sound too good to be true especially considering all the effort that goes into preparing your yearly poultry. So is it really worth the purchase? Find out with our complete guide and review.

At a Glance

It’s easy to mistake the Butterball Turkey Fryer for a special, state-of-the-art refrigerator. This device features a solid, stainless steel exterior with black trimmings and a black panel for controls.

The screen on the operation panel is relatively small compared to the body of the entire device itself. Directly below the small digital screen are two lights that indicate the status of the device. Finally, the bottom-most portion of the panel features a knob that’s used to adjust the temperature to cook your turkey the way you want it.

Aesthetically speaking, the Butterball Turkey Fryer XL isn’t something that would add a touch of decorative appeal to your kitchen. It’s large, bulky, and fairly simple in design. But then again, it wasn’t exactly made as a decorative piece for your space anyway.

Ultra Durable Construction

Cooking a turkey is no laughing matter. Big and bulky, this Thanksgiving staple can exercises your oven to its limits – so you may find yourself facing repairs not long after cooking at turkey at home.

That’s why the Butterball Turkey Fryer XL was designed with durability in mind. The ultra robust structure is made completely out of stainless steel, and promises to survive whatever onslaught you put it through in order to complete your Thanksgiving preparations with flying colors.

Needless to say, the Butterball Turkey Fryer is durable device that promises to last you many years so you can always wow your guests at Thanksgiving dinner.

Easy to Clean

Probably just as difficult as cooking the turkey itself is cleaning up after the preparations. A greasy stove and oily cookware used to cook a turkey to perfection could take just as much time and effort to clean.

With the Butterball Turkey Fryer XL though, you won’t need to worry about that issue. The device is designed with aftercare in mind, allowing you to clean up the entire mess with ease. It features a simple valve that drains the device of oil, grease, and residue so you can eliminate the gunk that makes it hard to wash cookware.

The frying basket itself features a dishwasher safe construction, which means you can pop the part into your standard kitchen dishwasher and leave it to clean itself.

Ultra Large Capacity

Oftentimes, we find ourselves compromising our turkey choices because our ovens are too small to accommodate anything bigger. So we end up with turkeys that are too small to satisfy our guests’ large appetites, ultimately causing everyone else to adjust and resist getting a second serving.

With the Butterball Turkey Fryer XL though, that ceases to be a problem. The device features an ultra large cooking capacity, able to hold turkeys as much as 20 pounds in weight. This means you can step up your turkey choice and stop trying to make a small piece of poultry fit your long list of guests.

Super Secure Locking Mechanism

One of the fears that people usually have with such large appliances is safety. Too much hot air and pressure building up inside the fryer could mean trouble, especially if it doesn’t lock securely enough to keep all the heat and steam inside.

Fortunately, that’s not something you need to worry about. The Butterball Turkey Fryer XL features a super secure locking system that prevents all the contents of the fryer from bursting out. This doesn’t only make it a safe addition to your kitchen, but also helps keep all the flavor intact as the turkey cooks to perfection.

Perfect for a Variety of Ingredients

What’s nice about the Butterball Turkey Fryer XL is that aside from turkeys, the device can also be used to cook other Thanksgiving staples. That means you can cook up vegetables and even seafood with the use of your Butterball Turkey Fryer XL.

This feature is of particular importance to buyers who want to be able to use their investment for more than just Thanksgiving dinner. So you can keep your Butterball in your kitchen and out of storage all year round to help you cook up a variety of meals for your family even if it doesn’t involve a massive turkey.

Faster Prep, All in One Go

One of the reasons why Thanksgiving dinners take so much time to prepare is because we often only have one oven to cook everything up. So our dishes commonly have to wait for their turn to get cooked as others prepare before them.

With the Butterball Turkey Fryer XL, you can have more room to cook your ingredients all in one go. So while your turkey cooks up in the Butterball, you can use your oven and stove for other dishes. This makes for a faster, easier preparation and cooking time, letting you set the table before the guests even arrive.

Pros of the Butterball Turkey Fryer XL

  • Ultra large capacity can cook up to a 20 pound turkey with ease.
  • Versatile use for seafood and vegetables means you won’t have to keep it in storage when it isn’t Thanksgiving season.
  • Durable build and structure, promising to last you many years of efficient use.
  • Secure locking mechanism prevents accidents in the kitchen and keeps flavor intact.
  • Drain valve makes it easy to drain away oil and grease so you can clean up the kitchen sooner and with greater ease.

Cons of the Butterball Turkey Fryer XL

  • The device can eat up a lot of space, so smaller kitchens may not have the room to accommodate it.
  • It generates a lot of heat during operation, so your kitchen may develop an uncomfortable warmth when the device is on.
  • While it does lock in all your ingredients, the device doesn’t do so well in terms of keeping in smells.


It’s true that the Butterball Turkey Fryer XL isn’t a perfect appliance. With its large size, heat production, and poor ability to lock in smells, it may be an inconvenience for some, picky users.

But ultimately, you’re getting an efficient tool that you can leverage not only for Thanksgiving preparations, but all year round for a variety of different meals you might want to prepare for your family.

So if you’re looking to add a facet of functionality, versatility, and ease to your kitchen, the Butterball Turkey Fryer XL is your best bet.


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