Butterball Turkey Fryer Reviews


The Masterbuilt and Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer!

The Butterball indoor turkey fryer might just be your favorite appliance in your kitchen if your love frying turkeys as much as I do.

Butterball and Materbuilt teamed up to produce the most incredible indoor counter top electric turkey fryer that is also a steamer and a broiler. This one of a kind turkey fryer is designed for easy of use and  safety.

This counter top electric fryer handles up to a 14 pound turkey in less than one hour, with only two gallons of oil. Compared with traditional fryers that require 1/3 more oil and an open flame, not only does the Butterball Fryer provide a significant savings each time you use it, but makes your holiday cooking safer and tastier. Use can use the butterball turkey fryer indoors, outdoors, and year around.

Have you tried the Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer?

If so, we look forward to hearing from you! Leave your review, tell us what you think by leaving your comments below. Did you love the fryer, or what did you like or dislike. We want to hear your honest feedback.

If you purchased a Butterball Turkey Fryer and want to send us your review we will gladly post it on the site for all to read, let you know how many stars you think butterball deserves.

This fryer is sweeping the nation and with the holidays here I can see why. Although we are looking for any honest review of this product we also want you to send us any great recipe ideas you may have so all butterball fryer owns can learn from each other. There is more that one way to fry an incredible turkey in this bad boy so share, share, share!

Stay Tuned for more turkey frying action! I love fried turkey!

Here are what real consumers are saying…

 Fry-Day Everyday with Butterball by Rayann

Two days ago I started using this fryer. Best catfish ever! I also fried turkey wings and a whole chicken the same day. I had no trouble at all with a 4 lb chicken and bought some small turkeys to fry later. Imagine frying a whole chicken in 17 minutes! No need to imagine it, you can do it!

Easy to use even for a beginner. Cleanup is a breeze! The oil drains perfectly clean if you want to use it again. I was able to drain it all back into the bottles without using a strainer.

The Masterbuilt company has answered every question in a very timely fashion. I would recommend this Indoor Fryer to anyone looking to have fun frying foods.

 Juicy Turkey by Sara

I bought this fryer to cook Thanksgiving turkey this year. I gave it a test run and it turned out so good and juicy. It was so fast and easy I was shocked!  I love this machine! I am going to blow everyone away this year with my Turkey. Thumbs Up Butterball

 Fried Turkey Day! by Jim

I have been frying Turkeys for the past 6 years now and I know it can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. After reading the manual I got started. It was very simple and easy to use. I followed the directions and it was very safe as well. I love that it was so easy to clean and it cooked a mean turkey! By far the best turkey fryer I have bought. I want to fry everything in my kitchen.


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