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Home & Commercial Thermal Bunn Coffee Machines

Both commercial and home Bunn coffee makers are purely and proudly American made.


If you want a quick aromatic brew in less than 3 minutes then Bunn coffeemakers are among the best.

The Bunn-o-Matic Corporation was founded in the 1950s by George Bunn of Springfield, Illinois. The company has a whole range of coffee machines and stations including Bunn coffee grinders, airpots, urns, hot water machine, drink dispensers and parts and accessories.

Bunn coffee pots are available in single cup models and urns that can brew up to 12.4 gallons of perfect brew per hour.

Bunn-o-Matic currently has six home products for the discriminating coffee aficionados who demand a perfect automatic brew first thing in the morning.

Popular Bunn Coffee Maker Reviews

Bunn Trifecta Commercial Coffee Maker Video Demonstration

The Bunn GRX Basic Home Coffee Brewer is an original hot ware reservoir-style brewer. It is very convenient to use as it has a close and brew lid. The size is perfect for a family as it brews 10 cups of rich coffee in less than 3 minute. Its stainless tank has an internal thermostat for keeping the water at a desirable brewing temperature. The model has a patented sprayhead design the rightly improves coffee flavor upon extraction. Priced at $100, this model is in mid-range price.

The Bunn BTX ThermoFresh Home Coffee Brewer has the same qualities as the GRX and more as its stainless steel carafe is vacuum insulated to keep the brew hot without burning it.

There is no need for a warmer to keep the carafe piping hot. An added feature of this line is that there is a model specifically designed for high altitude. This is a perfect Bunn coffee maker for homes and vacation homes high up in the mountain.

The Bunn My Café Single Serve Coffee Maker is perfect for a personal brewer. This is the ideal java machine for people who want to grab a single cup in a jiffy as it only takes about 30 seconds for a great brew. What is great about this model is that it can accommodate all current pods in the market. This model comes in two variants. The first one has a 46 oz water reservoir while the other one is plugged into a water supply for unlimited single brew. The later is an ideal set-up for an office.

Cleaning Bunn Coffee Maker Instructions

Coffee oils, mineral and sediment deposits naturally occur in the coffee machine. You need to periodically clean your Bunn brewer due to the water sediments that have accumulated. The frequency depends on the hardness or mineral content of your water supply.


However, there is a need to wash the decanted and brew funnel after each use. You should also see to it that you wipe the outside part of the brewer, the part above the funnel with very mild dishwashing soap and a damp cloth.

To delime, unscrew the sprayhead and set aside. Make sure the brewer is unplugged and has cool down before deliming. First, remove the sprayhead and set is aside. Insert the deliming tool that came with the brewer into the sprayhead tube. Clean the tube with a push-pull motion to loosen the lime that has accumulated in the sprayhead tube. Add some force as you twist and push/pull the deliming tool.

See if the sprayhead has mineral deposits. If it has, clean the holes with a toothpick then clean it with mild dishwashing soap and rinse. Reinstall. You might want to fill the holding tank with a quart of vinegar and run one cycle then two -plain water cycle through the machine to really clean the holding tank, the funnel and sprayhead.

Bunn Coffeemaker Leaks

Some consumers have reported incidences of Bunn coffee maker leaks. The leaks are said to come from the bottom of the holding tank. Leaks were due to plastic deterioration around the holding tank’s washer.

Bunn has repair kits for this kind of trouble but more often than not, the company replaces defective products. Newer models might not have the same problem as their holding tanks are made of stainless steel.

Pros and Cons of Bunn Coffee Machines

Bunn BTX-B ThermoFresh 10-Cup instructions and review

Bunn coffee makers are great for parties as a great brew is possible in 3 minutes. There is no need for a thermal pot to keep the pot hot. There are models with burners to keep the brew hot too.

The coffee ground container is easy to pull out and dump the used grounds. The price is affordable. If the pot breaks, replacement is easy to find and cheap.

However, you need to buy a “Bunn” filter for a better brew. Using a generic filter will result in coffee grounds in your cup. Pots are brittle and easily break. Though you can definitely get a nice cup in 3 minutes, you need to plug and turn on the machine to keep it in stand-by mode, thereby wasting electrical power.

Nevertheless, Bunn is a very popular brand because it has a large range of coffee makers for home and commercial use.

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