Bunk Beds for Kids Styles


All parents are trying to create more space into their children’s room and make it more comfortable. Using bunk beds could be a great way to gain more space into your children’s room and they will really enjoy the fun of sleeping or playing on them. There is a variety of styles and types of bunk beds you can choose for your kids, boys, girls, or even both.

Themed bunk beds

Created to resemble three houses, cottage home, space ships, race cars, or any other popular theme from cartoons, themed bunk beds are a funny and modern way to customize your children’s bedroom.

They are the most spectacular beds for kids and most expensive in the same time. That’s way you have to consider the age of your kids before you decide to buy such a bed, because they might not like the figures posted on this bed after a couple of years and that’s going to make you spend a lot more money.

L-Shaped Bunk Beds

These bunk beds are not like any other styles because the frames are not connected. The bed from the bottom is designed to slide freely, in and out. The bad from the bottom can be also used as storage and can be very useful for kid’s toys or other stuff.

Metal Bunk beds

Available in varied colors and shapes, the metal bunk beds can be very easily adopted in any kind of bedroom. Also, some of them are created for different sized mattresses which can be useful in case of children with different ages. The older one can sleep into the larger bed from the bottom and the smaller one can have the bed from the top. The strength of this kind of bed is safety.

Loft bunk beds

Coming in various styles, loft bunk beds are great space savers. The loft bed is a simple bed elevated off the floor and was created to provide more space between the floor and bed’s bottom and this space can be used by applying a desk, storage, dressing or even playing area.

Whatever your favorite design may be, you have to make sure that the bunk bed you choose is strong and safe. Safety is the most important factor you have to consider in the purchase of bunk beds. Be sure there are no missing parts on the frame and that the ladder is tightly fixed to the bed.


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