Bunk Beds Components


Bunk Beds Components

In this article you can learn more about bunk beds and their components. As you all know, a bunk bed is type of bed in which one bed frame is placed on top of another. They are usually supported by four stable pillars. The bunk from the top should be surrounded by guardrails to prevent rolling out of the bed. The ladder has the role to make the climbing into the bed from the top easier.

These are the main components of a bunk bed:

The frame:

It is the most important part, and gives the shape and design for the bunk bed. The frame is made of strong material, steel or wood. Usually, the bunk from the bottom is sitting on four pillars, one for each corner. The bed from the top is elevated by four longer pillars which are connected to the bed from the bottom. Also the bunk bed can be built in shape of a box frame and pillars are replaced by flat boards.

There is a big variety of bunk bed frames available but the most common ones are standard – with both bed frames of the same size, and they are known as twin size bunk beds. There is also the possibility to have a full size bed on the bottom and a twin size bed on the top. It is called twin over full bunk bed frame.

The mattresses:

The mattresses are placed on top of each bunk frame and design the bunk bed frame in a final shape. They are made of a variety of materials such us foam, futon, latex, viscoelastic or natural fibres. But the most important feature is cozy. It should not be too hard or too soft, it has to be just comfortable. A bed mattress can lead to back pain or even long term health problems.

Additional components:

The additional components of bunk beds can be added for safety, especially for the bed from the top. These additional components are: the ladder and the guardrails.

The ladder’s function is to make the climbing on the bed from the top easier. It can be removable or permanent and usually comes with the bunk bed. The ladder is made of the same material as the frame is because it has to be strong and resistant as well.

The guardrails are applied on the bed from the top to prevent falling or rolling out of the bed. As well as frame and ladder, they are usually made of the same material.


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