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Bunk Bed Mattresses – How to Choose the Best Bunk Beds Mattresses

  • Written by Gabe

As you probably have read in so many places, when you buy a bunk bed you don’t actually get the bunk bed mattress included in the same price. Most stores sell them separately. Why? Because people have different tastes when it comes to sleeping and the comfort the bunk bed mattresses have to offer. Some like sleeping on soft mattresses, some on hard ones.

There are some things that you have to keep in mind when you are choosing a bunk bed mattress (or two, to be more exact, because you have two bunk that need mattresses). That’s what I want to share with you in this post: how to avoid buying a mattress that will give your kids back pains or many sleepless nights; and you don’t want to your kid to lack sleep, because that means he will be cranky all day long.

Different types of bunk bed mattresses

As I told you before, bunk beds with mattresses included are a very rare thing. No need to detail why. That means that in order to get to the “buying the bunk bed mattress” part you need to already have bought the bunk bed frame. Measure it. Twice. Right down the exact dimensions of the two bunks, go to the mattress store and ask the salesman for one. The best bunk bed mattress size is the one that fits you frame.

What happens if your bunk bed mattress size is not fitting the frame? Well, if it’s too big, it is basically useless, you can throw it away. But if it’s too small, that’s when you have a problem; because if bunk bed mattresses are too small, your kids legs, hands or head can get stuck in the empty space that has formed between the mattress and the frame.

Also, if the mattress is to high, there is the risk the child can fall over the guardrails (that have the purpose to protect the child). That means you also have to be careful at the height of the mattress too. So, in order to avoid these types of accidents, buy a bunk bed mattress that perfectly fits you bunk bed frame.

On the market you can find two types of mattresses available: innerspring mattresses and foam mattresses.

The innerspring ones are the most common type that have coils to establish the firmness and durability of the mattress. If these coils are wider, the mattress will be more firm.

Innerspring mattress

You won’t find any coils in foam mattresses, but you will find more comfort. They became even more popular these days once the memory foam mattresses are on the market that contour to your body shape and offer a better blood circulation. It is also true that they are not cheap bunk bed mattresses.

The layers of a memory foam mattress

In the end, it’s all up to you what type of mattress you choose. In both cases, what really makes the difference between a good night sleep and an awful one is the padding on top, usually known as the comfort layer. The more padding material is between you and the coils or the foam, the softer and thicker it is, the better you will be sleeping.

The best way to find out what are the most comfortable bunk beds mattresses is to test them yourself, along with your kids. Lay down on each one, feel the padding too see if it’s a quality one that will last in time and let your kids do the same. Remember, you should do a thorough inspection of each mattress before you buy it because you want to make sure that you are leaving the store with a good product.

And by the way, there are some stores that allows bargaining. Some don’t miss your chance and negotiate the price with the salesman in order to get a cheap bunk bed mattress.

In conclusion, I think you saw for yourself that buying a bunk bed mattress doesn’t require some amazing skills. You just have to choose one that has the right size, that offers the comfort level that will assure a good night sleep and that is affordable, of course.


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