Bunk Bed Accessories – Something About Bunk Beds With Drawers and Bunk Bed Rails


What is one of the first thing you look at when you are deciding what bunk bed you should buy? The bunk bed accessories. This is a crucial decision making factor. Whether you are more focused on safety or saving some extra space, the bunk bed hardware will make the difference and basically will help you make your decision when it comes to buying a certain model of bed.

There are many types of accessories that a bunk beds have. In this article I will make a list of all of them and talk to you a little bit about each type and what they are used for.

One of the most important bunk bed parts that it has, when it comes to saving space from other areas in your room are the bunk bed shelves. They are designed to replace maybe a book shelf that would occupy some extra space in the room. They can be assembled on the wall next to each bunk and are perfect to hold books or other school materials.

Bunk bed with shelves

Also, as some sort of replacement for the wardrobes, you can buy bunk beds with drawers. I know it won’t fit all the clothes that the kids have, but the extra deposit space is great for keeping socks, underwear or bedding sheets. The drawers are build under the bottom bunk for easier access. See for yourself how practical a bunk bed with drawers looks:

Bunk beds with drawers are the guarantee of saving space

Bunk bed curtains are great for providing some intimacy, especially for the person who is sleeping in the bottom bunk. Weather that person want’s to do some late night reading or sleep while the lights in the room are on, the curtains are very useful. I said that only the person who has the bottom bed will enjoy this comfort because, in almost all cases, the curtains are hung from the margins of the top bunk. But, if necessary, you can find on the market devices that make possible for the upper bunk to have curtains too. It only depends on the model of the bed.

Curtains are great for keeping the morning light away

Now we get to a very important part of the “bunk bed accessories” chapter: the safety part. Some of the MUST HAVE accessories are safety rails. Bunk bed rails are the ones that I advise you to buy. They will protect your kids from injuring themselves while sleeping or playing in the top bunk. The risk they expose to is obvious: they could fall if they are not protected by the bunk bed safety rails. This is one of the first things you should look for when you go to the store in order to buy a bunk bed. Along with the frame that has to be made from solid materials, the bunk bed guard rail should be strong also; let’s not forget about the bunk bed ladder that needs to be made from the same material as the rest of the frame.

The guard rails will keep your kids safe

The mattress has to be sustained by another solid accessory. In this case, bunk bed slats will do the trick.  They normally come together with the bed, but in case the suffer any damages (either they bend too much or even brake), you can easily replace them by getting some new ones from the store. They are made from the same material as the frame too, but are a little bit more flexible. Here is how they look like:

Bunk bed slats are often the key of a good night sleep

In conclusion, these are some bunk bed accessories that will make the bed a little more practical. The shelves and drawers will save space in the room, the curtains will give your kids the intimacy they need in order to get a resting sleep and the guard rails will protect them from falling off the bed and suffer any injuries. There are also other categories of bunk bed accessories that are more fun, like slides or tents, but that’s a subject we will discuss in another post.


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