Bulletproof Fleshlight Review


Teagan Presley Bulletproof Fleshlight Review


The Bulletproof Fleshlight is like being shot with a dose of pure pleasure. While you’ll be doing some shooting as well, this Fleshlight is not exactly bulletproof. The Bulletproof Fleshlight is tight, really tight. Exclusively available with the butt orifice, you may have to re-evaluate your definition of tight. The canal is a repeating hill to divot formation with five hills throughout and a deep relief at the end. The hills are enclosing the canal on all sides so the Bulletproof Fleshlight doesn’t leave much room for you. The divots are pretty deep and small, creating an essential relief from the tightness of the hills. While the structure is repetitive and doesn’t feature any of favorite Fleshlight structures such as small bumps and cross ribbed sections (such as you find in the Bi-Hive Fleshlight and Lust Fleshlight), it excels due to it’s overall tightness.

Tight is the name

Tight is name, Bulletproof Fleshlight is the game. The Fleshlight creators decided to make a product for those fans of super tight toys. Unlike the Super Tight Fleshlight, the Bulletproof Fleshlight brings some variety to the table with the series of divots and hills. For those with extra thick members, it might even be advisable to look at other Fleshlights. For those who think they can handle this one, you are going to need a lot of lube. The Bulletproof Fleshlight is moderately difficult to clean despite its simplistic canal structure, lube (and other thick liquids) can potentially get stuck in the divots. The waves of hills is not similar to something you would find in the Wonderwave Fleshlight and at times, you can’t even notice the divots because of the tightness of the canal. The Bulletproof Fleshlight is so tight that you might not even be able to notice the difference from one hill to the next, hence the only downside to the Bulletproof Fleshlight is also its greatest strength. The Bookworm Fleshlight Review will explain why this one is good for you if you enjoy more bumps. If you enjoy open ended fun, examine our Fleshlight Quickshot Review.


Our Bulletproof Fleshlight review reveals that if you like very, very tight lubed up holes to stick your junk in, then this is for you. The canal is so tight that you might not be able to notice the hills and divots within, but it depends on your preference. If you want a Fleshlight where you can really tell each structure apart, we recommend the Primal Fleshlight or Outlaw Fleshlight. For our Bulletproof Fleshlight Review, we award this Fleshlight an overall score of 8/10.



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