Bullet Security Camera


What is a bullet security camera?  

Perhaps one of the most widely used security cameras available today is known as the bullet style camera. Named for its unique appearance, this type of camera is designed to be extremely mobile – usable both inside and outside, and safe for most weather types.

Why A Bullet?

The bullet cameras are named as such because they are long, often black or silver, and are often visually compared to the shell casing of a standard bullet. Their tubular shape makes them more mobile than other cameras and their sleek look makes them less of an eyesore.

Benefits of a Bullet Camera

One of the biggest benefits of these bullet cameras is that they are very durable. Made with its own weatherproofing materials and completely equipped with all you need to mount them to any area, these cameras are easily place anywhere you need them.

They also come standard with a more than adequate lens. In general, bullet security cameras have a 4mm lens that, while it cannot be altered, is able to make out faces as far as 35 feet with good accuracy. In almost every case – especially for home and small business security – 35 feet of clear picture is enough to stop nearly all possible intruders.

Finally, the angles of these cameras can be easily adjusted with most mounts, which makes it easy to focus on the exact location you would like the security camera to face with very little hassle.

Weaknesses of a Bullet Camera

For almost all security needs, a bullet camera will be more than adequate. It has the versatility that most people need and the durability that makes it useful. However, when comparing them to the other types of security cameras available, these devices can come up a little short.

For example, unlike dome cameras, it is easy to see which direction that a bullet camera is facing, making them easy to fool if there has been a lot of scoping of the property. Unless you are planning on getting several cameras, this may not be idea for large places of high traffic and several nooks and crannies, where there are plenty of places to hide illegal deeds.

These cameras also very rarely allow you to exchange the lenses. Though they have high visibility and are able to see at a decent distance, for some the lack of versatility may not be ideal for your security needs.

Popular and Versatile

For the average person’s security, a bullet camera is not only sufficient but preferred. It is easy to mount, will withstand the elements, can be used both inside and out, and comes equipped with most of the tools you need to put it in place. Its lack of lens versatility may make it less useful for some, while the ability to see its location may be a problem in spaces with several fixtures that can disrupt its view, but otherwise the bullet camera may very well be the device you need to secure your household or business.


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