Building Your Own Wind Turbine Inverters


Wind turbine inverters are an important device which rotates and then generates electrical power and then it converts the kinetic energy right into mechanical energy. You can save on your bills with the use of this wind energy which will help you to save plenty of energy. You can build a wind turbine inverter with some simple step by step guidance.

You will find that this wind turbine is quite easy to build. The turbines are used to distribute the energy that is derived from the wind which then will run a turbine design. The design of a wind turbine inverter is very easy and here are some steps as to help guide you to building your own.

The essential things that you shall need are bearings, magnets, wood, rods, copper wire that will be used for winding, battery, inverter, nuts and bolts and also some paper and pencils to help maintain your rough sketch of your turbines design.

To design the blades use some wooden planks of a desired size. Give the blade a finishing touch with a hammer and chisel. Then place the blades flat down on the rotors and you only need to use some double sided tape. You will then need two magnet rotors which you will want to design. Coil the winding wire right to the disc of these two magnets.

You then need to drill them for a 6004 bearing. After that you can begin to lacquer as this will provide an aesthetic appearance. Make sure that you put some supported bearings on both sides of the shaft. This magnet should be designed to hold about 12 magnets.

Now you will want to make the stator and for this part of the project you shall need to have a large amount of copper wire turns to help make the charge to the chosen strength of the battery, which you want to be 12 volts. Next the stator will then need to be screwed down tightly on the board while you are positioning the coils.

Next the joints must be secured right in place with some resin which is for the components to help it function more smoothly. All that left is for you to set the renewable energy generator design to the test. You should be able to see the inverter harness the energy just about all the time that the turbine can swing into action. This is one way to build your own wind turbine inverters.

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