Building Your New Cork Dart Board


Start with the innermost bulls-eye by tracing a circle that is around an inch in diameter. Continue by making the outermost ring of the bulls-eye by tracing a circle that is a half inch wide around the centermost circle. Once you’ve got the middle done, move to the outside of the board and trace a half in circle around the entire thing signifying the double point area. Continue by measuring four inches or so inward to create the triple point ring. Once you’ve got the rings measured out, refer to a conventional dartboard to see the number placement and fill in the numbers with paint accordingly. The corkboard should absorb the paint making it last for a long time.

Once you’ve got the numbers painted on begin to cut the metal wire to reinforce the sections and make it easier to separate them. The thin metal wire should be either glued to or fixed to the board with adhesive. Make sure that the wire is thin enough so that it doesn’t impede on the respective scoring sections. It’s also important to make sure that the wiring is distributed evenly, measure the width of the board and cut each section of wire separately if needed. After this step is done, it’s time to begin setting up the dartboard. Place eyelets on each side of each one of the cork dart boards so that they can be easily fixed to the wall. Use the extra corkboard to put behind the dart board to prevent damage to the surface behind it.

Building your own cork dart boards can be an extremely easy project that can bring years of enjoyment for you and your whole family. By following a few simple steps and spending just a little bit of cash, you can create your own regulation size or custom dart board to improve your game or entertain guests in classic fashion. A quick Internet search will return places where corkboard can be purchased as well as more detailed step by step instructions on how to build your own cork dartboards for any room of the house.


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