Brother Sewing Machine LS2125


 If you are looking for a simple and reliable electromechanical sewing machine for the home, this is the answer. The manufacturer is well known and the price does not bite. Brother company is a serious competitor for all sewing machine manufacturers. Brother industrial and embroidery machines are widely available on the market today and are the sales leaders.

Lets have a look at the main characteristics of the BROTHER LS- 2125.

Type of sewing machine – electromechanical;

Number of sewing operations – 14 stitches;

Shuttle type – vertical;

Country of origin – China.

Japanese manufacturers, like BROTHER, build their own manufactures in Asia (China, Taiwan, Thailand) for further development of their production capacity. These modern factories have become the main production facilities of these companies. The quality is under the full control of the company and is the same for any product, no matter if it is produced in Japan, China or Taiwan.

BROTHER LS- 2125 specifications.

14 Stitches – working, slip, stretch, stretch slip;

Buttonhole mode : semi-automatic, 4 -step, without turning the fabric;

Maximum stitch width : 5 mm;Maximum stitch length: 4 mm;

Balancing loop controller;

Six segments of rail transporter tissue;

Classical vertical rotary hook;

dial upper thread tension;

quick tabs system;

Automatic bobbin;

Hitchhiking when winding the bobbin;

Two sewing directions (forward and backward);

Sewing zone lights;

The “free-hand” removable sleeve platform

Standard needles – 130/705N;

Manufacturers improve needle`s opportunities for a comfortable and high-quality sewing of a wide variety of fabrics and materials. Some manufacturers now indicate only universal needles, for example 130/705H name, and separately indicate the type of fabric or material is intended for sewing needles, like this: 130/705H JEANS – needles are used for all kinds of denim.

Sewing machine needles have their own resource. It seems that the needle is eternal, but the sewing process blunts or deforms (grinds) the needle tip (especially when sewing heavy fabrics We recommend to change the needle after sewing two or three products or after 12-15 hours of total time sewing, especially when it was used for thick, heavy fabrics.

Attachments: buttonhole foot, universal foot (on the unit), zipper foot, button foot, needle set (regular single needle number 14) – 3 pcs., double needle, 3 bobbins, darning plate, screwdriver, extra spool pin.

The great variety of operations performed by sewing machines led to the creation of different models of specialized feet. The emergence of a wide variety of presser feet stems from a desire to simplify the work or alleviate some special sewing operations.

What you need to know about feet, buying a sewing machine :

– For all stitches performed by your sewing machine you can use a common universal foot.

– a presser foot comes with the sewing machine. Minimum set includes universal foot and the buttonhole foot. As a rule, a set of tabs to the sewing machine still includes sewing foot for hemming or blind stitch zipper (at the discretion of the manufacturer).

– Virtually all modern sewing machines are equipped with a universal system of quick feet, so many tabs from different manufacturers can be used interchangeably. This does not apply to industrial and semi-industrial sewing machines and some models of household sewing machines with their own unique design feet!

Additional foot-adaptation:

We strongly recommend to purchase only original branded devices to your sewing machines, such as a device for assemblies, walking foot (upper belt),  etc. The design and attachment methods of these adaptations in sewing machines from different manufacturers are different. An attempt to use the unoriginal device may cause the failure of the sewing machine.


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