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Best Sewing Machine Reviews – Brother CP-7500

Brother CP-7500 Computerized Sewing Machine best reviews

Brother CP-7500

Best Sewing Machine Reviews – Brother CP-7500 Overview

One of the attractive features of Brother CP-7500 is its seventy built – in stitch options including utility stitches, heirloom stitches, and decorative stitches. Each option also has multiple functions (up to 110 in total) not to mention its new and stylish design. This also features seven 1-step auto – size buttonholes. The good thing about this model is that you can easily operate this machine even without foot control using its integrated one touch start, stop, and reverse functions. This is also inclusive of adjustable sewing speed control that allows you to manage your sewing speed in line with type of stitch you are doing or the type of fabric you are using. The Brother CP – 7500 comes with a built in LCD screen with fully computerized stitch selection system and LED to light up the sewing surface for optimum visibility. Best price at AMA

Best Sewing Machine Reviews – Brother CP-7500 Basic Features

  • Equipped with seventy built – in stitches with up to 110 stitch functions. This also has a LED Stitch Selection system with Bright LED sewing surface lighting system.
  • Multiple needle positions with automatic needle threading system and manual thread tension adjustment
  • Easy bobbin winding and thread sensors / upper thread and quick set bobbin with 1 – step bobbin replacement with automatic bobbin winding system.
  • 1-touch start/stop/reverse functions and adjustable sewing speed control.
  • Backed by twenty five years limited warranty and this also a 110V UL / CSA Listed devices.
  • Built – in accessory storage with ultra light weight features at 10.1 pounds overall machine assembly.

Best Sewing Machine Reviews – Brother CP-7500 Sewing Features

This sewing machine model is capable of up to 850 stitches per minute maximum sewing speed with seven feed dog and seven standard presser feet. CP-7500 is also equipped with adjustable stitch features (7mm stitch width and 5mm stitch length) and an Up and down needle position key. This also comes with free motion and drop feed system inclusive of a free arm for easy access to cuffs, collars, and other hard to reach sections.

Best Sewing Machine Reviews – Brother CP-7500 Accessories

  • Extra large wide table ideal for larger projects including quilting with hard carrying case.
  • Accessory pouch with needle kit with seam ripper and twin and ball point needle. Other accessories include foot controller, supplemental spool pin, bobbin set, three spool caps, cleaning brush, and three eyelet punch.

Best Sewing Machine Reviews – Brother CP-7500 Conclusion

At about $184.98, you get a fairly good deal for a computerized sewing machine. This is one of Brother Models that comes with 110 multiple stitch functions and seventy built- in stitch options. In addition to that, this is also fully computerized with a lot of automatic features which can significantly make sewing and stitch a highly convenient experience. The slider speed control also gives you total speed management which can get your sewing from super slow to super fast with just one action. With all these advanced sewing features, this makes Brother CP7500 a highly competitive sewing machine model in the market not only because of a myriad of features and sewing benefits but also because it is affordable and is able to produce high quality stitches. Best price at AMA

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