Brita Water Cooler


Brita Water Dispenser Filtration System Benefits & Problems

In a sea of competition, the Brita water cooler dispenser has managed to come out on top in many areas.


Not only does the company provide its customers with top-quality products, it also continues to use the latest technology in order to manufacture some of the safest products on the market today.

The Brita water dispenser is just one example of how this company continues to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Among most popular Brita cooler products, Brita offers a variety of options for those wishing to provide cleaner, safer drinking water. From free standing units to small, counter top units, Brita has a product to fit your needs, including the Brita hot cold water cooler.

Advantages and Some Brita Water Cooler Problems

Replacement parts and filters are easy to find for all products. They can be ordered either online through a variety of vendors or ordered off-line through some retail outlets.

While there are many benefits to owning Brita water coolers, there are a few disadvantages.

The most notable disadvantage is that with the smaller units the included battery is not rechargeable and is not replaceable. The battery normally lasts about five years and then the unit will need to be replaced.

Also, some of the parts are not dishwasher safe and must be cleaned by hand.

Under normal conditions, the filters need to be replaced about every forty-gallons or so. This applies only to the compact, counter top units.

Best Brita Water Dispenser Models to Buy

Brita UltraMax

Of their free standing units, the Brita water cooler is one of the most popular. This unit can filter regular tap water and chill it as well. The tank is refillable (from your tap) and comes with handles that make it easy to carry. The device can remove as much as 99% of Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts. Its five-gallon capacity makes it a good choice for larger homes and offices.

For those looking for a smaller, more compact unit, the BRITA 35530 UltraMax Digital water dispenser is something worth looking into. This is the original device that brought this company to fame. It can remove lead up to 98% and can also reduce both taste and odor problems caused by chlorine.

The Brita Ultramax Smart dispenser cooler is just right for smaller families and smaller offices. It has a large 18 – 8oz glass capacity with an electronic indicator that alerts users to filter change time.

The company also offers its Brita Aqua Fountain water cooler for larger families and larger offices.

Conclusion about Brita Cooler

The low cost of the smaller Brita units can outweigh the need to replace them every five years or so. This, along with the very high quality of water they deliver, has made them a popular choice for many families and offices.

Because the free standing Brita water cooler uses tap water, it can save consumers a lot of money over the long run. Most other products require consumers to buy bottled water from an outside vendor. This product does not. You simply use the water that is coming into the home or office as the unit’s source water. It will do the filtering for you.


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