Brita Filtered Water Bottle


Buying bottled water is stupid and really doesn’t make sense anyway you look at it. But it’s hard to beat the convenience that bottled water provides. You could always get a reusable plastic (make sure it’s BPA-free) or metal water bottle, but you don’t always remember to fill them and, if you are like me, you would much prefer the cleanliness and taste of water that’s at least been run through a filter.

Which is why I love the Brita water bottles with filters in them. Honestly, I have no idea what took them so long to make this. Not a whole lot more than the refrigerator Brita water dispenser or the Brita pitchers, this bottle puts a filter right inside the water bottle eliminating the need to filter or otherwise clean your water beforehand. They are a nice 20 ounce size which is both manageable while not having to refill too often. They are made with a BPA free plastic and are certified by the NSF International (a non-profit certification company) to reduce both the taste and odor of chlorine from municipal water supplies. Literally, all you have to do is fill the bottle with water and squeeze it when you want a drink.

What makes the Brita filter water bottle better is not only the fact that you get better water, but that you get that better water anywhere you are. My wife is a teacher and she uses her bottle to filter the school’s water (not that there is anything wrong with the school’s water; after all kids drink it all day long). Even some water coolers will have an off-taste (either because of the water source or because they aren’t properly maintained) and this water bottle will eliminate that as well. It’s incredibly useful at an airport or other places where you can’t just bring water along with you (such as amusement parks) because you can just filter the tap water once inside or beyond the security checkpoint.

Best Price on Brita Water Bottle

Buying a Brita water bottle will save you tons of money over regular bottled water; so no matter where you purchase it you will save money. But if you are looking for the best price Brita water bottles on the internet we have done the research and have determined that the best place to buy them is from While they didn’t have the overall best price on Brita filter bottle, they did have lower shipping rates plus the eligibility for free shipping if you were to buy two or something else to meet there $25 free-shipping threshold.

Buy the Brita 24-Ounce Bottle with Filter Here


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