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If you’re after outdoor bbq, then a Brinkman smoker grill is definitely a great budget charcoal grill smoker you would find in the market. A typical Brinkmann grill of this line costs less then $100 and you will be able to cook truly yummy smoke flavored barbecues.

Brinkman smoker also comes in electric bbq double grill-smokers, which add the extra convenient electricity power features to replace the usual charcoal burners when occasion arises.

These slow barbeque smokers are also equipped with built-in temperature gauge and ignition system to let you perform the smoking process in even better and easier way.

The brand offers a variety of models, each slightly different in sizes and little features. These are some of the names you will find when hunting for outdoor Brinkmann smokers: Cook’N Ca’jun, Go Grill, Gourmet (charcoal & electric), Grill King, Pitmaster, Smoke King, Smoke’N Grill (charcoal & electric) and Sportsman smokers.

It might get a bit confusing when you see so many charcoal grill smokers and wonder what are the actual differences between these fancy names!

Well, our Brinkman Smoker reviews will help to clarify that for you, as we categorize each of them into different budget levels, functionalities and consumer ratings, along with pros and cons comparisons.

Brinkmann Charcoal Smoker Reviews

The internet search indicates that the most sought after charcoal grill smoker is the Smoke’n Grill inexpensive model. This product comes in two varieties: charcoal and electric slow cookers. Both Brinkman barbecue smokers are very easy to use and give you the true taste of smoked meat. Click here to read more about Brinkmann Smoke N Grill series.

Brinkman Electric Smoker Reviews

Going green with electric outdoor smokers is excellent choice for those who have problems getting the coals or wood burners. These grills are also loaded with extra gadgets and pretty neat features you’ll definitely get to enjoy.

If you’ve made up you mind, you won’t go wrong with the Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker grill. Their selling point is in ease of use and cleanliness. These are excellent value electric bbq smokers in the market for any entry level barbeque enthusiasts.

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