Brinkman Gas Grill Reviews


Brinkman gas grills are quite popular amongst professional cookers, chefs and caterers. The brand is most well known for its outdoor gas grills that can withstand harsh weather conditions while providing hassle free outdoors cooking experience.

Brinkmann is also one of the first brands to put together the idea of grilling and smoking food all into one barbecue cooker unit. Today their best selling models include the All In One Outdoor Cooker and the Pro Series multi-burners Brinkman gas grills.

Brinkman’s All-In-One Outdoor Cooker has gained wide reputation amongst grill lovers for its versatility, ease of use and great value for money. With this barbecue gas grill you can fry, grill or smoke meat using either LP gas (propane gas) or charcoal burner as fuel source.


On the other hand, the heavy duty Brinkmann Pro Series 4 burner gives you total control of each burner and more than enough grilling power to get any bbq dish just right, even for the most picky cookers.

But before you decide to get one of Brinkman barbecue grills, have a quick overview of this brand’s pros and cons.

Good things about Brinkmann Gas Grills

  • Most of Brinkmann’s gas models are really good value for money. Their prices are often lower then the competition’s similar feature outdoor grills.
  • Easy to assemble and keep clean.
  • The construction is solid with heavy duty materials, which makes their barbeque grills more durable than similar priced cookers from other brands.
  • Brinkmann really knows how to produce quality outdoor grills with ease of use in mind. They have been in this industry for over 30 years.

Downside of Brinkman Gas Grills

  • Poor customer service: these guys have been notorious for providing little to poor customer support and not properly solving warranty issues. Some people have reported not being able to receive warranty for their broken gas grill burners, because Brinkman said that those burners were part of grill’s frame, which was not covered under their “limited warranty”.
  • Lack of replacement parts: unless your grill model has been released not too long ago, chances are you won’t get any broken parts fixed.


Despite two drawbacks as listed above, Brinkmann gas grills are still very good quality bbq cookers rated by most users. This is because their prices are often lower than the competition and the grills they make are durable, versatile, easy to use and simple to clean.

In summary, Brinkman aren’t famous for their outdoor gas grills, instead, they do well with Brinkman Smoker series, with come with both electric and charcoal grill smoker versions. These are equipped with some very versatile barbeque grilling features.

While generally Brinkmann bbq grills get a thumb up, they might not cook really nice barbeques as you would get from more expensive, but better quality names, such as Weber gas grills. So if you are truly really picky about making serious bbq food, Brinkman outdoor grills aren’t the best pick.

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