Brinkman Electric Smoker Reviews


When you buy Brinkman electric smoker and grill, you truly go green with clean electricity power energy.

Costing about three times as much as Brinkmann Charcoal counterparts, these electric bbq smokers are sure to satisfy your thirst for smoke flavored meat and barbeques.

One of their prominent benefits is that you can basically load everything up, go out do your own stuffs, to only come back and have perfectly smoked steaks, succulently moist brisket, tenderly cooked turkeys or any other fish and vegetable dishes you could imagine of.

Brinkman electric smoker makes it so overly simple to smoke or grill bbqs, that even a novice person with no experience before hand could easily put up a deliciously cooked barbecue feast right in the first try.

If it is your first time smoking meat, you’ll be surprised by just how different smoking is from usual grilled bbq.

Why Choose Electric BBQ Smokers?

For some people, the choice of electric bbq smokers is purely due to challenges often faced when using coals or wood burners that leave nasty dust and residue ashes. Some other times limited space availability could be another obstacle that restricts access to burning charcoal or gas smokers.

That’s when Brinkman electric smokers come into the rescue! With these really awesome value, budget barbecue smoker grills, you can perform multiple styles of cooking by simply changing over the fuel type. (By the way, if you are interested in learning easy how to cook techniques, make sure to check out There you will find a variety of recipes, ranging from grilling turkeys to roasts and many more).

Brinkmann has made all of it’s newly released electric grills with the ability to separate its smoker body from the charcoal and water pans at the bottom. With this handy design, you are in control of how to smoke meat or even turn it into grilled barbeques if you want.

Minor Drawbacks of Brinkmann Electric Smoker Grills

Even though the selling points of many Brinkmann electric grills are their double smoker-grill features, most people don’t really find the grill part to be very sound. These is perhaps due to construction that is specifically designed for slow smoke cooking, using either charcoal or water smoker.

Another small issue is their heavy weight solid metal body, which some people don’t like because it make moving around become more challenging tasks, especially for housewife’s, who could use a little of extra muscle-help from their husbands.

Best Brinkman Electric Smoker to Buy


Brinkmann Smoke N Grill Electric Smoker
Consumer Ratings

brinkmann smoke n grill electric smoker

This Smoke N Grill’s features are very similar to the full review of Brinkman Gourmet Electric Smoker series, except for some minor drawbacks that make help to reduce its price:

  • Small cooking space: some people find a bit annoying when you have to reach out for food grilled on the bottom, as there not enough spare room for any to pull your hands through.
  • Only comes in black and stainless steel finishes. Perhaps this is not truly a drawback, just less variety then the Gourmet series.

So if you are bargain hunter and want to get started in the smoke ring community, this electric bbq grill & smoker is a great low price toy to get your hands wet.

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